Almighty nanny robot Keecker: to give you a video after your ass

Pierre Lebeau is Google (in Paris), a former project manager, in one day ride a bike when he flashes: “I’m thinking, if I can have a can move within the house of intelligent robot should have much good, so you can take any room upgrade family entertainment centers.” After the creation of the idea that he was ready for bed before the brain is still in the “buzzing”. “I get up at 3 o ‘clock in the morning to write nearly ten page proposal, since then I have been fascinated by the idea.”

will the robot named Keecker Lebeau, it is a similar egg shape of the equipment, can move quickly in the house, with built-in projector and stereo system, so that any one side wall in the room can be played as a widescreen projection screen film, games, or some digital art. The company in a landing site of the raise Kickstarter, and will be provided to support the first edition of entertainment robot products. Keecker from the look and feel like a robot, but don’t like this call Lebeau. “This is not the kind to imitate human behavior can be cooking, or cleaning the function of the robot, I think it’s more like a specially designed for mobile, family set public computer.”

according to Lebeau, will Keecker at home when you first started, it will begin to wander, and with his oval head 360 degrees’s camera to scan map of integral space is roughly maps, once the map is completed, the user can give each room a name, and then just press the button Keecker can go to the place. (on trial prototype, we found Keecker can only move when the user control.) Lebeau inspired by similar Roomba robot cleaner, he doesn’t want Keecker will be so stupid. “Every time when I saw the Roomba ran into the wall are particularly think it a kick, they’re too stupid! Manufacturers could have them some of the more intelligent design, but this will increase the cost and on the cleaning effect and without too much of a difference, so looks like it is not necessary. But I have to remind my engineers don’t want to related cases on Keecker.”

in addition to a portable projector and stereo system, Keecker can also use your camera and a set of sensors to serve as a mobile security system. If the user left the house it can be set to detect whether there are intruders, monitoring temperature, humidity, and even CO2 concentration. It can be virtually replace your nanny, or at least can let you in on your smartphone is easy to keep tabs on the nanny in word and deed.

Keecker also comes with a microphone, it can be used as video call or receive voice command center, Lebeau also said that it and the user’s mobile phone with bluetooth pairing can be achieved through a phone call to control the movement Keecker effect.

Keecker running Android, and used as ordinary smartphone quad-core mobile processors to drive the robot. This means that it can run any application downloaded from the Play Store, but at present it in maintaining the application running on the local interfaces of still exist some problems, need to users are forced to use a similar to the mouse cursor to control the application. The company has issued the SDK and API, Lebeau hope that developers can show the advantages of the Keecker hardware, designed some designed for families to build those applications.

but these expectations may have put the cart before the horse, so far, after all, can for consumers to purchase the product has not yet formally output. But as far as we can see the prototype feeling can bring a lot of fun to the user, Keecker also can show a lot of novel function, while the software and hardware has been unable to reach the best state, has not fully ready, but its performance has been remarkable in the flat ground, but on the uneven ground such as carpet needs to be improved. On the Kickstarter as the product, the company has shown that expects to raise $ten thousand, and promised to around April of next year will be available for consumers to use the product back to those brave early investors.

it is hard to imagine that there will be a huge market after its release Keecker sales, after all, when a lot of people see the Lebeau plan of $three thousand to $four thousand in pricing is “off”. Makers must give Keecker a is better than family pod, market positioning, after all the equipment is to attract people is not the simple performance, but its rarity and uniqueness. Keecker let we see the stewards had hoped to have robots in the future, make our life more colorful like science fiction.


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