All connected to the Internet era, the digital life “common noun” colorless solution

cloud network hunting note: yesterday we compiled for you. Today, cloud network editor hunting jun to compile the same interesting counterpart. This article purpose is to let you know as what fun it is to think Internet users, through a simple explanation, you might image understanding of some of the jargon of digital life, also may be confused. All in all, like it or not with you!

user : on the balance sheet, had to agree to all terms and conditions of the people.

Uber : as long as give money, you will become its users. At the same time, Uber is also a stalker online.

update : a meaningless time sink. Or the one-sided understanding of nirvana this myth state.

update : a useless effort. Or the one-sided understanding of nirvana this myth state.

ego beautification: this is a pun, used to humiliate a person by changing the algorithm to improve the personal data. That is to say oneself grow not good-looking, but at the same time, the lack of post-processing ability to manually modify as network aesthetic style of the beautiful. For example: “I the latest Tinder (app) data after the ego beautification.”

off-line: the cool feeling like any can produce irresistible zen experience.

filter failure: you deadly vacillation make you can’t choose which sets a filter to beautify your latest photos, the result is not dry out your latest photos.

photos : when you feel all your photos are not good, if you press the shutter was photographed you phone.

beautify the picture : this photo is you look like, rather than you really are looking. And the difference between “photos”, “photos” is “not to the pictures.

take : with a self-deprecating color photos.

ugly as: failed because beautification, photographing since you can’t out of the sun.

ill according to : when you feel unwell, send the photos from my encouragement, zhang want to impress your peers at the same time. When you are sick you can send ill photo. But you can use the sets a specific filter to improve your state of mind!

True according to

: without digital filter beautification photos, simple makeup is also acceptable.

Vine : you sent a short video clips, that you didn’t can bask in the photos that day.

Tinder , inevitable, and the spate of disappointing happened.

Tinder bitch : no decision-making. For example: “we came to Chipotle restaurants, but Stephen is such a person without decisions, so we have to order for him.”

Google: he is like a annoying friends were always there in your house, and asked a bunch of questions, and to refresh your things without your consent. Is also a stalker online.

Like praise (point) : an exaggerated expression, is used to express strong emotions to something positive. For example: “pants wearing strange guy! I love them.”

way (on) : the irony of exaggerated expression. Use irony gimmick to express strong negative emotions. For example: “I hate you because you make me hate you.” Deliberately make people confused.

face book (Facebook) : an annoying friend, but he is your friend, but still pretend to be very intimate with you. When you go out, he secretly slipped into your room, turn your things, rearranging your photos. He is a stalker online.

information : any don’t want to recall the boring conversation. Often being used as the interjection.

Twitter stream waterfall ( Twitter Storm ) : to Aristotle’s logic as public long in disguise.

playlist: without integrating several no metrical unit together the voice of the mixture.

public playlist (similar to playlists) : sound mixture, the individual unit is selected, its purpose is to convey through the appropriate cultural impression of beautification. Not very common.

Klout score: is a you don’t understand, but won’t go to refer to things, because you don’t value to it at all.

wearable: also did not wear out, also can saying is useless.

(patent) bug: is a very boring person. Can also refer to right-wing economist especially active on Twitter. They never meet, cannot be fed.

eye (economic) : in view of the human form of advertising.

Mobile device

– a non – in receptor for advertising. Also the an unwearable electronic tag that ‘s more wearable than a wearable. (See Also: wearable)

mobile devices: for advertising abiotic receptors. Didn’t use of electronic tag, but still slightly a little use. (see: can you wear)

sharing (economic) : a valuable business activities get in return. Also known as charitable giving. Sometimes it can be reflected in the benefits of some emergency.


you happen to be doing but may be something that belongs to someone else.

personal data: is your thing, but it belongs to someone else.

data reveal that: and your relevant or irrelevant things. But now I have become someone else’s, after may all people have.


a safe storage. Can also be understood as “a comprehensive monitoring.

not touch (remote control) : a need a pair of compatible with each other closely related object of digital transmission method. Often excessive use of this technology will be warning may suffer from skin rashes. Can also refer to surreal pay attention to the performing arts.


in antisocial behavior on the network. Usually in the form of blatant self-promotion. Social activities including: forwarding, self-praise, release force text. And for your followers to subscribe to your latest ebook.

: spam processing excessive content, will usually be thrown into the trash can.

stickers: a composed of hieroglyphs spontaneous formation of the language. Rosetta has not yet been completed, we will be able to the mysteries of the stickers. But we want the Line to Line frequency trapezoidal distortion added to its platform, bring huge benefits for the future translation service.

Streaming media:

deepest despair for bandwidth.

buffer: impending doom, temporarily suspend will happen. Can also refer to intake of too much caffeine. For example: “don’t talk to me, I drank too much coffee this morning.”

SoMoLo : words of a fool.

services : your former girlfriend broke into your home, your home is a mess.

Twitter (Twitter) : unknown purpose of handicrafts.

wikipedia fundraiser: an unpopular but not unexpected events.

privacy policy: a great satire. Even though you haven’t time to read, but you know you should really read it.

bait: you know a highly delay disappointed feeling is coming. Is an oxymoron.

the raise activities: to tell a story a group of idiots. The process is full of sound and fury, but there was no significance.

anonymous: a short excited feeling. Garbage can also be expressed as “a little bit.”


you any fast consumption power.

Internet of things: an atmosphere filled with love, laughter and ethereal music magical place. Can also be called the panopticon.

refrigerator: to refer to anything no one need and want.

Jelly, Jelly Bean?) : the loss of vitality.

Secret (Secret) : naturally spread filthy nature.

Scoble (names)? : for anything ridiculous excessive use of behavior.

early adopters: or crazy, or the scientist in the future.


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