Ali’s latest proposed IPO price was $60-66, Wall Street set low

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to alibaba, ali will IPO price range to $60-66. This means that the market value of listed after ali will be $155 billion. This is alibaba 18 times last year’s total revenue.

it is understood that the ali is expected to sell 320.1 million shares, raising $24.3 billion. The Wall Street journal points out, this is the largest ever ipo projects.

still, analysts to ali’s $66 IPO shares still feel “not satisfied”. They think the value ali at up to 200 billion dollars.

according to ali, according to official documents submitted after the IPO, softbank is still ali’s largest outside shareholders, with a 32.4% stake in his hand; In second, yahoo, though (forced) gave up nearly half of the shares, but yahoo in the future will hold a 16.3% stake in ali. The third is jack ma, his personal alone holds a 7.8% stake in alibaba.

previously reported that ali will be officially on the nyse on 18th of this month.

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