Alibaba jumped 38.07% on the first day, valued at $231.4 billion

maybe this is the end of the expected, but it seems so surprise.

alibaba last night officially land between nyse, opening at $92.70, the price rose 36.3%, on the first day closing price of $93.89, up 38.07%, the market value of $231.4 billion.

the market capitalisation of alibaba group and more than Facebook came second in the global Internet company, only after Google, amazon than native American electricity company ($150 billion), eBay ($65 billion).

according to the price of $68, alibaba group raised to $21.8 billion, which raised will also set the record IPO in the history of the nation’s biggest financing. If underwriters exercise of the over-allotment option to completely meet the needs of investors, the raised could reach $25 billion.

according to the opening price, Mr Ma’s alibaba group shares worth more than $20 billion, become the new richest man in mainland China. But he seemed to see very light, said a little feeling all have no, also didn’t want to be rich.

he said that the great attention of that financing for investment institutions and recognition, and “start tomorrow, we will have a more difficult, because the world is to monitor whether we in good faith, hope you really deserve the trust, really deserve the dream.” Interestingly, founder of listed companies and top bell different,.

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