Alibaba “double a”, towering trees in spring

(article/who 闫森)

there are more than 460 domestic and overseas media reports ali shuangshi to participate in, so the Numbers game hunting cloud network simple: “a” double tenth army, the day the cat group has invested nearly 2000 employees, group total more than 11000 employees. Rookie of the 14 1.25 million Courier logistics delivery partners involved; Technology emergency plan from 2013 to this year of more than 2000 sets of 500 sets within;

11 zero entire large-screen scroll, 2 minutes to break the 1 billion, 2 billion, five minute 10 minutes 3.6 billion, 10 billion, 38 minutes of wireless accounted to 45.5%. You know in the last year, double tenth a broken billions spent 5 hours and 49 minutes.

from ali’s cat double tenth day by hook: “internationalization”, “wireless” platform “, “beautiful data appears to support ali is a global shopping platform. There are people in 170 countries to participate in the double tenth a synchronous shopping. After the first double tenth one only 27 brands in six years, alibaba group chief operating officer, zhang yong, finally, the “double a” alibaba has become a global festival.

in addition to the international shopping platform, for three or four line city and 600 million rural users, ali’s strategy will accelerate in the countryside. Mr. Lu in the meeting, more than 600 million Chinese people living in rural areas, with the mobile Internet, they can easily get to the Internet, can have a chance to rebuild a taobao, mobile is sure to be the future.

a few hours before the double tenth at first, there is a video what a complete review of the alibaba, from the initial alibaba was set up to the opening of the international business, and then to the establishment of the taobao, pay treasure to grow, and rookie logistics and cloud computing, acquisition of UC in optimal soil gold content, such as a complete dynamic tells the story of the whole ecological ali now: let the electronic commerce globalization, both side B and C end! Let the direct indirect joint cross the ecology includes all of the companies cooperation affects the process of this goal.

but for now, the domestic e-commerce in the vast rural market for all electrical business players have a chance, ali’s international business taobao overseas at present is mainly focused on the new horse to Hong Kong and Taiwan region of southeast Asia and the United States, Canada market. The speed sell tong are Russia, Brazil and other emerging markets. Alibaba’s global cross-border electric business platform also need to be tested.

all in all, ali now more like an enormous ancient tree, it cradles of all branches must open a beautiful flower as much as possible, for the global e-commerce industry chain platform alibaba, perhaps in the next few years, will be its spring.

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