Alibaba and Chinese middle class “mutual model and mutually beneficial”

a cold day in April, a team New Zealand fishermen set sail for the south Pacific Ocean fishing 50000 big raw oysters.

once they are catching up, the growth in the sea mollusk will be shipped to factory, they are packaged and four a box, encased in polystyrene reefer containers, container, sparkling label will be flown to China.

the next three days, the oyster will travel thousands of, came to China ocean, to the 67 cities. This time, they also maintained a fresh, huge Courier team started a race against time, door to door to send them to tens of thousands of cats by day submitted orders for customers.

oyster recovered from the distant sea, to more than 30000 buyers home, this is undoubtedly a feat, but it’s not just the credit of logistics.

this is part of the alibaba has long unremitting efforts, they aim at China’s growing middle class market, so that they can enjoy the globalization brings the instant gratification of e-commerce. If the world’s largest Internet company, in the most populous country in the world, completed the feat, so we can expect, future both delicious food and luxury, people as long as the keyboard, to “buy”.

alibaba to cash the pledge, will help determine the ultimate value of the company, and to what extent it can help to seek the development of global retailers and small businesses, open a huge market in China.

Topeka capital markets analyst Victor Anthony said in an interview earlier this year has been to: “for the multinational vendors, enter this market is a huge opportunity. Especially the trend of the current view, Chinese consumers are increasingly drum purse.”

the Chinese middle class, those earning between $9000 and $34000/year, in the next ten years, would like to blow the balloon soared. A recent McKinsey report pointed out that by 2022, more than 75% of Chinese urban consumers will be entering the middle class, accordingly, the important of delicacies such as oysters and luxury goods demand will surge.

report also pointed out that “the development of the middle class, means that the more sophisticated, more experienced shoppers appear, they have the ability also willing to spend money to buy high quality goods, they go shopping, not just to buy some basic necessities. These people will soon become the main force of shopping.”

now, China has nearly 600 million Internet users, Anthony exclaimed: “this is a huge market, the number is almost twice the population of the United States!”

now alibaba has already begun to dominate China’s online shopping market, the day the cat in the high-end market, brand-name manufacturers began to sell directly to consumers, Microsoft (Microsoft), Lego, Lego, Puma (Puma), and other large companies have official stores in day all cats.

“it is quite hard to attract high-level consumers.” Forrester Research, Forrester Research analyst teams of Willis said.

alibaba’s equivalent of eBay site taobao, providing millions of products, many of which identity in doubt, don’t know is authentic or replicas. Add up these two sites, accounted for 80% of China’s e-commerce market, for international brands to enter the Chinese market, the scale and its irresistible attraction.

“for us, this is a great opportunity.” New Balance (New Balance), head of global brand protection affairs Daniel McKinnon (Daniel McKinnon) said: “although alibaba is better than the Amazon (Amazon) and eBay combined, but the market penetration is still not high.”

many international brands on the day the cat opened a shop, they tried to use the alibaba this considerable size of the platform, new balance is one of them. On the day the cat’s official store, ensuring security of new balance of trade, they will quality goods are sold to customers willing to pay full price, and customers are willing to believe this is the real thing. Chinese ordinary people seem to feel Tmall this brand, can let a person very at ease, they gradually become don’t worry about buy a fake.

Tmall on early success, makes China a new balance of the fastest growing market, sales McKinnon said Tmall business was booming.

these efforts may be made between America and China’s growing trade deficit easing slightly. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (Census Bureau) data, the United States imported 440.4 billion dollars worth of goods from China, but only $121.7 billion to the output of goods to China. The trade deficit with China reached $318.7 billion, a record.

but and other big brand companies, new balance has been plagued by alibaba website of imitation goods, McKinnon said taobao, there are more than 200000 fake of the new balance products in sales, in recent months, even the cat also emerged a large number of counterfeit products.

what’s worse, the plane from the website and the fake goods will not be easy, McKinnon said that alibaba asked him to mark all want to remove the fake products, the work is almost impossible, there were too many fake goods number, 24 hours a day and marking.

in recent months, in order to maintain the day cat trustworthy image, alibaba began to crackdown on fake and inferior products. And new balance just registered its flagship store in the day the cat, alibaba to crack down on fake is more active, this seems to be a favour.

but fake goods is still rampant, in taobao, and its English website alibaba global speed sell tong (AliExpress), obviously there are a large number of sizes, shapes of replicas. A faux rolex for just $9, fake Gucci, Gucci handbags were selling for $36.

as a result, big brand and alibaba also produced some disputes. This summer, including Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) and several luxury brand gucci, lawsuit against alibaba, accuses alibaba in encourages the production and sale of counterfeit goods. The lawsuit was withdrawn soon, the two sides pledged to cooperate, but the incident shows the contradiction between the luxury retailers and alibaba savings already a long time, explosive.

however, in other parts of the alibaba empire, there is also a more harmonious relationship. On the day the cat sell authentic Prada, Prada handbags, is for sale, such as a pink bags, priced at $2900.

McKinnon said that overall, the cooperation with alibaba for new balance not do more harm than good, companies gain access, access to millions of new consumers. But the impact is going to be a protracted struggle. He said: “alibaba also know that it has always been a big problem.”

in providing Chinese consumers with real, rather than the counterfeit luxury goods at the same time, the day the cat also is providing imported foods, such as New Zealand oyster mentioned above. This is in order to reduce people always worries about food safety.

“a lot of people are worried about food safety issues,” the United States department of agriculture trade in stone hardships and stand hard work, director of the Shanghai office (Keith Schneller) said. He was involved in organized a number of products and the sale of seafood on the Tmall, feel deeply about: “Chinese consumers of true and false of food always with skepticism attitude, if we can cooperation, provide certification, can give some Chinese consumer confidence.”

such an example of cooperation last year, alibaba and the United States government cooperation at that time, the Washington cherry on a Tmall sales.

when orders come in, “the fruit of the township” of the Sage gw valley fruit company, workers began to pick cherries from the tree, and then sent to the factory. There, they are disinfected and clean, prepare to China with the packaging.

the night before, Sage fruit company boss Peter? , bruegel (Peter Verbrugge) received from the day the cat’s instructions, it will indicate the delivery location, such as Shanghai, guangzhou or Beijing. The second day early in the morning, tons of cherry will put on a heading to Seattle tacoma Ma Guoji trucks at the airport.

after a long flight, alibaba China company will receive these cherries, and distributed to the domestic cities.

so Chinese consumers to taste authentic American summer fruit. And for, bruegel, in cherry harvest year, a large number of orders from China for he absorbed a large number of inventory.

he said: “any chance to explore developing markets is the road.”

alibaba also in other fresh product promotion, including Chile blueberries, the Dutch tulip, and more than $1 million worth of 50 tonnes of Alaska seafood.

“many consumers do not believe they can buy these foods in China,” ms forrest’s Willis said “but consumers trust certified imported foods.”

because the company is in the quiet period before the IPO, alibaba declined to comment on these projects. However, a promotional video on the Internet, alibaba emphasized the growth in the Chinese market demand for imported food.

as the Chinese market’s growing demand for imported products, alibaba, said in a promotional video Tmall is through cooperation with foreign trade institutions to carry out a series of promotional activities, establish the platform own fresh food.

earlier this year, the day the cat started selling imported raw oysters, miss hometown flavor of New Zealand in Shanghai trade commissioner, mike? Alain DE (Mike Arand) ordered more for their own consumption.

place the order later, he received a parcel within 72 hours. Open the box, he was very surprised to see attached to the knife, the rubber gloves and a lime, the seller provides a warm oyster shell guide.

his decisive gave high praise: “the thing is very good, the arrival of the goods is very fast.”

Source: NYT

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