Ali issued travel brand “to”, segmentation online travel market cake

yesterday, alibaba group formally announced that its business air travel department upgraded to air travel, travel “taobao” upgraded to a new independent brand “ali to travel, go to” . Add new members alibaba brand system, “ali travel? Go ah “will become the new name of alibaba’s air travel business. “To” website image spokesperson is well-known cartoon McDull, website’s slogan is: “where to go is not important, the important thing is to”.

add new members alibaba brand system

enterprise group, general manager of alibaba group, air travel robb says, “I chose to go as a name, we focus on each of the original travel dream, users only need to decide to, the rest, to peace on the stage all ecological partners will work together to complete, ‘as long as the decision, the most difficult part of the end. So, go! ‘”. At the same time, the “go” and “trip” homophonic, travel English “to” as a common colloquial English is also very kind and easy to remember.

to will focus on consumer holiday travel demand, wireless, service, innovation, the platform as the four strategies, and promote the online travel industry upgrade from sales to service. And alibaba, a lot of similar business, “to” also has a distinctive platform features, its predecessor was launched in 2010, “taobao travel”.

now, on a trip to ah platform for tens of thousands of sellers, ticket sales, hotel booking, holiday inn product sales, visa and other services, both universal product, and have a smooth experience and the security of payment.

in addition, to also invited “McDull” cartoon image spokesperson. McDull’s positive and optimistic and dare to pursue, consistent with the brand positioning to ah, go ah trip will provide to consumers with travel dream freedom, rich and do not break individual character of travel services, let everyone can realize that the glorious dream of a world.

FanZhiMing alibaba group, senior vice President, said the reason for the independent brand of air travel business, mainly considering the huge potential of online travel market, there are a lot of user requirement is not met, the independent brand will also emphasize to provide better service and quality, let consumers enjoy comfortable, easy journey.

online travel market pay attention to “service”, to travel to ah mobile terminal “travel service platform” appearance

new brand appearance of conference, business group, general manager of alibaba air travel robb announced “to” business strategy, the wireless service and become a top priority, and in appearance “to travel” on the same client, the new “travel service platform” for the first time.

“in the past, online travel industry’s eyes tend to focus on the tourism product sales.” Business group of alibaba air travel product technology senior director Li Yangdong said, “there are a large number of users actually travel demand and are not met, especially the details of the travel service, we hope to launch to drive industry upgrade.”

it is understood that in addition to the user’s travel information, go to travel of mobile client, has integrated the “travel services platform” ticket back a key change and innovation functions such as automatic check-in, reserve a taxi, the user needs in the journey services are set together.

it is worth mentioning that the seemingly simple fast refund, rely on is related to users, agents, manufacturers such as the role of large and complex financial settlement, credit payment and guarantee, commission accounting system, including the evaluation of personal credit value to consumers and to read. Ali in the ecosystem, as it were, all kinds of “infrastructure” and large data, serve to ah upgrade provides the essential support.

“on the promotion of service, is not based on more people to receive service on the phone, but through technical means to change the traditional service mode,” robb said.

but tourism product category is complex, not all goods can be standardized to use technical means to solve all problems, so to say, will also disappear is protected by 100 million yuan funds provide consumers with security, platform through the advance payments to ensure user’s interests.

relying on ali ecosystem sustainable innovation: hotels, travel, air tickets booking C2B treasure to pay later

as a grown up from alibaba ecosystem services platform, to the innovation of the also have a lot of ali, ali series products and ecological role in the interaction plays a role, the future of space to imagine.

it is understood that the water hotel to try ah is pay, tourism, air tickets hotel packages and other innovative services.

“we are drawing and ecological partners’ future travel blueprint, some experience completely broke through the traditional practices of tourism industry, these” gamesmanship “is to make people’s travel experience better,” robb said.

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