Ali IPO price range $60-66, raise up to $24.3 billion

(wen xuan/day)

alibaba group on Friday with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) filed the latest prospectus file. Documents show that its IPO price range set between $60 to $66 per share, proposed by the deal to raise up to $24.3 billion. This price is calculated, alibaba group valuation lies between $154.2 billion to $169.8 billion.

another foreign media reported that alibaba group will be a next week (8 September) start the IPO roadshows, in New York next Thursday, September 18, determine the issue price, listed on the nyse on September 19, began to trade, but if the roadshow goes well, the date can also be in advance.

shareholders selling view

alibaba group announced in the file, the group would sell 123076931 shares of American depositary shares; At the same time, including major shareholders yahoo and alibaba group executive chairman jack ma (weibo), executive vice chairman Mr. Tsai, selling shareholders will provide a total of 197029169 shares of American depositary shares. Alibaba group, not from the selling shareholders to sell its American depositary shares trading in any income.

Ma Yunxian sold 12750000 American depositary shares (ADS), accounted for 0.5% of total shares in an IPO price range high $66, Mr Ma would raise $841.5 million, offer after-sale ma stake from 8.8% to 7.8%. Mr. Tsai selling 4250000 adss, accounting for 0.2% of the total shares, will be $280 million. In addition to Mr. Ma and Mr. Tsai, alibaba group management the others were underweight, management equity will fall from 14.6% to 14.6%.

in accordance with the contract, alibaba’s two largest shareholders, yahoo will sell the alibaba group, 4.9% of the total shares, after the completion of the sale will still hold about 16.3% of the shares. And Japan’s softbank will not sell.

in addition, the cic, China development bank, citic capital and silver lake capital such as alibaba group in the history of the introduction of a certain percentage of the shareholders will sell stock.

new three partners

alibaba group also showed that in the prospectus update team of the company’s partners in the recent elections, and gave birth to three new partners are from ali cloud team Cai Jingxian (flower: many long), small micro gold group technical team of ni march (flower: MiaoRenFeng), as well as human resources and organizational culture Fang Yongxin team. After the three per capita for 70. As the alibaba group, the prospectus, alibaba group partner team already has 30 members.

jack ma’s letter again

apart from the above financial and group structure information, alibaba group, the updated prospectus includes its executive chairman jack ma, a letter to investors.

in the letter, Mr. Ma system elaborated the alibaba in the vision, mission, business model, how to face challenges, to solve the problem of priority and governance mechanism and so on.

jack ma said in an open letter, alibaba is a truly believe in and practice mission-driven company, is a future-oriented fairer, more open, more transparent ecosystem.

jack ma also stressed that the short-term volatility based on revenues and profits will not make a decision, all decisions will be used to ensure the long-term health development of alibaba ecosystem, and expressed desire the long-term investors rather than short-term stock attention-seeker.

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