Ali cloud developers conference, building a cloud service ecosystem

“cloud will change society in the future real, true love cloud know, cloud in the future.” On October 16, 17, two days, there are nearly 8000 worldwide developers come to ali cloud developers conference, alibaba group CTO jian wang to share my “cloud computing” experience in the field. “People have a dream than experts know more the value of the cloud. Most afraid of things in the world is not “jump”, but “an opt-out ‘.

it is understood that a customer has covered now ali cloud services directly to including Tibet, xinjiang, Taiwan and other provinces across the country, its service users covering 200 countries around the world. Speech, jian wang filed his experiences to xinjiang kuqa, remote areas are brown stone, but in the eastern cities, there are cloud customers do music network in xinjiang, the xinjiang ethnic music in the cloud on ali.

at the meeting, Dr Jian wang also for cloud “developer” gave his definition: “developers not only refers to the programmer, you may be a section of long, also may be a government official, but as long as you are in the spirit of the developers, do things to help cloud, you are a developer.” “On the cloud you ideal is equal. Whether you have 5000 users or 500 million users, no matter who is your service object.

the meeting, in addition to local developers, also attracted more than 20 other multinational companies such as Europe, the United States and the developer team to attend, including philips executive share multinational enterprises how to migrate to the cloud, angry birds CMO also share the brand of history.

the ali cloud developers conference site in town – the cloud, and depressed to hangzhou wisdom industry emerging area, ecological town of cloud computing industry. Based on cloud computing technology core, relying on the cloud industrial park and ali cloud entrepreneurial innovation base two platform to do a complete cloud computing industry ecosystem, entrepreneurial innovation rooted town to attract top talent and engineers.

in addition, the joint construction of Cerberus Cerberus will also be the cloud super incubators, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses. Also launched the construction of the cloud bank at the same time, provide entrepreneurial innovation integration service for small town located enterprises.

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