Ali bacc the wireless open plan, open infrastructure to build ecological mobile business

today, alibaba group announced a wireless opening-up strategy, start the bacc the plan. Ali will be fully share ali wireless resources, from the aspects of technology, business, such as data infrastructure services for mobile developers. Want to build a cloud (ali to provide basic services) + side (all kinds of APP) a new era of mobile business ecosystem. After this is also continue to baidu, tencent, ali wireless on the opening-up strategy of major changes.

for mobile developers, cloud services and the open platform, reducing the costs of product development and follow-up. Unlike other open platform strategy, ali wireless the time open a variety of core resources, covering electricity resources, technical support and big data and other important services. With alibaba group chief operating officer, zhang yong is words, fully open ali accumulated more than 10 years of business infrastructure, helping entrepreneurs to improve business efficiency.

bacc the plan will be from the technology, the whole chain of mobile data and business developers to output a series of basic services, and in the commercial FenRun, investment services, office space, etc to support the developers, among them, the cloud will provide architectural structures, from the technical level, data storage, security and other services, and have professionals to one-on-one APP development, maintenance, technical support; Big data will help developers to improve data precision analysis and improve the personalized push system.

Wang Xire ali group vice President, said ali will also share its powerful ability of electricity by bacc the plans to help the developers to complete the APP business model architecture. Ali trading authorization APP implementation taobao account login, access system, through commodity exhibition, marketing promotion, payment transaction, background management of the whole chain. This means that the company can quickly join bacc the plan according to their own ideas, the use of existing resources to build the APP, so as to complete the personalized recommendation, trading, view, the whole process of logistics management, improved efficiency.

zhang yong, with previous taobao in PC one-way open API mode is different, this time open belongs to two-way mode, he emphasized the two points, one is the premise of open electricity data in the security of cloud platform, the other is the data back to ali’s server. This is to ensure the data security consideration.

it is understood that the first to join the bacc the planned plastic APP “beautiful artifact”, in the open library bacc the goods have finished product and trading closed loop, 7 million users to activate their beauty consumption demands; Focused on the areas of pet vertical APP “walk the walk”, is gradually meet 150000 love dandle users buying online pet food and offline booking rigidity of beauty care needs.

Wang Xire said, this will be the best s wireless entrepreneurs. Bacc the plan will be ali strong electricity capacity as a service is embedded into the wireless ecosystem, let developers free access, independent use, this will enable wireless developers can better to complete the dream, make stronger life scenes, to focus on a particular field of aggregating groups provide best service.

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