Ali and optimal soil cooperation, take you take you fly electricity

look at divine comedy small apple, while placing orders to buy a few apples to eat, by the way. Alibaba group and youku potato group announced yesterday, the joint launch video marketing, promote marketing DT.

for cleanliness of the people, the future besides watching video ads, endure a electricity directly to buy video ads. Has not announced at the meeting whether the user can choose don’t need this service. After a weibo electric business, both youku potatoes also announced at the ali daqo road paved electricity.

ali announced in April youku potatoes, silent for the past, the words of entertainment career not many flaws, but is still doing the most good at electrical contractor and cloud data analysis.

so how electricity road go? Meeting, they launched the “dharma dish” and “Star Wars plan”. Dharma is an open data management platform, through consumption, social, financial, weather, traffic, entertainment and so on a series of internal and external data. By cleaning, unity, integration, such as data processing and management, dharma plate will be on the premise of ensuring data security and application of data mining.

while Star Wars plan can be as precise marketing scheme based on big data. Besides buy by watching them play with the goods, the meeting also released the entire network, scale accurate solution, and the user ID and the product by using one measure, for the final implementation: screen which stores, content, namely, marketing, advertising sales of video electronic business new pattern.

the “buy” by watching them and playing “goods” has already begun small-scale test, and will start mass promotion borrow “double 11”. Meeting, victor koo said: “the future ali and youku potatoes will cultural entertainment consumer behavior and product service consumption behavior. The two sides will work to achieve ‘screen channels, content, namely the shops’ imagination. Run on electricity, two is also very hard.

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