Ali and meizu such speculation, or one thousand yuan for the new machine

hunting cloud network October 15 (word/WeiQing)

guide language: this two days what topic the most busy on weibo? Ali meizu 10 million bet must have a lot of people witnessed. With the two companies have no play what is cheap, turned out to be said in their mobile phone operating system. What, before not have reportedly to take a stake in, what to buy, how this will all gambling to report? What new plot, new plan, lenovo meizu old rhubarb chapter do a few months to launch three mobile phone, is this phone ali meizu cooperation, so will have one thousand yuan machine?

what is the most important – the hype in the 21st century. This is an era of information explosion, the development of the Internet speed. Everyone on the Internet for all, with what attract eyeball, what let a person to waste flow, a waste of time to open you, pay attention to you, understand you, nothing is cost is negligible (hype), and much sought after by everyone.

recently ali and meizu tends to chose this way, the first in weibo fought, and then having bet 10 million, this technology is a superb bo person eyeball. On October 9, alibaba mobile division general manager @ ali ingots in about Flyme and personal weibo by YunOS who experience a better bet 200000, vice President of meizu misia “against”.

the detonation of a bet from meizu founder jack, are added to 200000 from 10 million. Jack said ali’s money can not, but Flyme entry must guarantee, also means that meizu phone would never use another system. Then, alibaba CTO @ ali jian wang to join the game, also agreed to 10 million.

the meizu recalling ali, acquire the meizu rumours two so hot, jack also says “money can not to” ali, why suddenly so “accidentally”, two family so big a cooperation to messed up? Perhaps this is the first hype.

and after jack say such a thing, how should meizu cooperation with ali, or from the two words, can give us which shows the two cooperation details?

jack hit

look at the jack back to meizu bring company three changes:

begin with capital, change in the past by profits feedback research and development of their products, improve development speed through financing,

employee-owned make company become demutualisation;

from small and beauty into the popularization, the scale is preferred.

we pay special attention to the last one, what is the pursuit of small, beautiful, like and use the meizu’s friends should be noticed that jack comeback after 7 months, meizu issued new smartphones MX4, 1799 yuan price means the meizu began to fight back, pointing to millet.

have always been with the company began to become less alternative, not only emphasized performance, also changed the meizu only launch a new product every year tradition, will be released in the next few months continuous 3 versions.

misia said, “we will be in 1999 yuan of both sides will.” This means that the meizu changed the previous gm’s $2499 flagship product pricing, thereby avoiding difficult to locate on the price or price for high-end products of embarrassment, dabble in a variety of product lines.

however, this “multiple product line” is how much? What’s the masses “popular”? Is one thousand yuan test machine market? Will follow the meizu accumulated many years of exquisite craft design brand image of the photograph is strong? Has become a problem.

one thousand yuan machine market heat high

at home, one thousand yuan machine market is much more than 1799 markets. One thousand yuan machine greatly stimulate the consumers of smartphones, unlike apple main high-end brand, one thousand yuan machine fully catered to a large proportion of low-income consumers, especially the student group has a large scale, two years ago and even college students use the phenomenon of aging machine, now look to the campus, with nearly a smartphone.

since the meizu wants to expand the market share, develop platform type company, and officials also announced the next few months will release 3 consecutive versions, so is it possible to hype for meizu one thousand yuan for a series of machine before the birth of the pictures?

so let’s analyze the necessity of meizu machine one thousand yuan was born.

in the first place, to expand the brand’s price range, can let the consumer have more choice, in the past year a phone a pricing model to meizu.

then, meizu with its excellent quality image captured a large number of fans, but is often the little three thousand pricing frighten away, as long as consumers know machine meizu out one thousand yuan, I don’t think that a lot of consumer are in various brands of indecision in the scuffle, decisively into the arms of meizu.

again, meizu emphasize their own flyme perfect experience, how to let the audience more, make the perfect experience is more people to try and accept even chase, one thousand yuan to expand users explosive effect is obvious, in addition, no choice, I think the meizu stores across the country hundreds of, rent should not be cheap, but is not only a few small store phone how can attract consumers to experience to choose and buy, say $one thousand machine also can bring a lot of traffic, swept away the meizu empty most of the time, want to know more traffic for outlets means more opportunities.

one thousand yuan enough is good machine in opposition with the focus on image quality, but ali liking

the meizu has been under “because of dream, because of the love; Committed to building design elegant, simple and easy to use smartphone “banner, has been to advanced technology design brand image. Then let the meizu to violate their hard-won spend big price to brand image and reduce the user satisfaction, and even some “churn” one thousand yuan machine to ensure that don’t lose money, and jack demanding perfect style is also different.

so the meizu has not destroyed more than praise in such way, we also mentioned above, the meizu need is to let more consumer experience flyme system, take the mobile web portal that is to say, this also let us think of that 10 million gamble, not is ali and meizu Fried in a battle for the mobile Internet portal?

and ali carefully cultivated all sorts of “one thousand yuan ali cloud mobile phone” is another image.

on April 9, 2012, alibaba and launched a new generation of mobile phone manufacturer tianyu cooperation ali cloud smartphone bumblebee W806 formally in taobao open to booking, but by the age of September, ali phone conference cancellation and Google’s statement, ali cloud mobile phone stick in the mud, gradually faded out from the line of sight of people.

the lunar calendar until 2013 years later, ali phone to joint the second line is given priority to a line of mobile phone manufacturers, to explore the ali cloud mobile phone production development channels, with the new ecological alliance from one thousand yuan market to open a new situation. But unfortunately, cost-effective red rice.

but because ali support too many mobile phone manufacturers, to “carry even a bowl of water could not offer a cost-effective, hot style mobile phone, so YUNOS obscurity for a year. Ali, be badly in need of a hot style mobile phone to play fame, meizu want to push a hot style one thousand yuan to expand Flyme platform, but don’t want to ruin their own image.

so good, by the meizu to select a skillful peripheral manufacturers, in partnership with ali make a hot style machine one thousand yuan, not be the best of both worlds?

overall, meizu is not willing to sacrifice quality, ali won’t open the mobile phone market, ali want to take advantage of meizu innate brand effect, ali is providing the best online channels. Meizu does not want to running YUNOS phones for ali. You can in a way, meizu pick a good strength with ali lower-tier mobile phone manufacturer, to build a suitable for market, high cost performance machine of one thousand yuan.

the phone at the same time the official adapter Flyme and YUNOS and butt Connect To Meizu, then Meizu store all Flyme, taobao uniformly YUNOS, multi-channel together the new fire red. Back and forth across users can according to his be fond of will flash flash experience.

and software ecological cooperation? There is no show too much. Just for today, meizu announced on the official weibo will be held on October 21, meizu alibaba strategic cooperation conference, meizu and alibaba launched cooperation, specific cooperation details, let’s wait and see.

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