AirSig mobile phone into a pen drawing can sign the contract in the air

for mobile equipment manufacturing validation products Taiwan startups AirSig foxconn technology group, a $2 million investment. In return, foxconn will have a 10% stake in the company, which will allow AirSig valued at $20 million.

Air Signature (Signature) Air is AirSig flagship product, the product through the G sensor of gyroscope in intelligent mobile phone owners in the Air drawing mark can be unlocked. In simple terms, this technology is to make the original need in physical (paper, electronic screen) signature on, into the air. In addition, users can customize different signature, to unlock a different application.

to use this technology can be downloaded from Google app store AirSig application software installation “AirSign Unlock” (AirSign Unlock). In addition to smart phones, Air Signature Signature (Air) technology can also be used for the electronic payment and electronic commerce application of intelligent terminal.

in the statement, CEO of AirSig Pokai Michael Chen said the from foxconn’s investment will be used to accelerate the company’s product development, and develop the global market.

Source: TC & amp; Google Play

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