After the WhatsApp Firechat will next giant potential acquisition targets into social field?

tencent technology wang qian November 16 reported in silicon valley

now you have a day can communicate without WeChat and others? This version of the problem in other countries around the world can be “need not WhatsApp?” No way! WhatsApp is Argentina, Finland, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland and other countries ranked first chat application. In Australia, Belgium, Norway is FacebookMessenger ranked first. At the same time, Skype and Line respectively ranked high in some countries.

but these we daily use even strongly depend on the chat application has a fatal problem: must be connected to the Internet. Now we have around the ubiquitous Wifi or 4 g/3 g so accustomed to, so that we don’t often think of in the remote and backward area, no Internet connection? Or, in the large activities, huge data flow caused by network congestion? Don’t only hundred claws scratched heart endure?

mesh free mobile chat application: the next generation communication tool?

without having to endure. In march of this year by silicon valley startups Open Garden launched Firechat can solve this problem. Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line or micro letter, Firechat don’t need access to the Internet allows users to chat to each other. It USES bluetooth and mesh network, mesh network, each access devices, smart phones, laptops, tablet, Fitbits bracelets, etc., is a node in the mesh network, the node, the network coverage domain is wider, the stronger the signal, users can send text and pictures to each other in the mesh network.

in view of this, just released her half a year has been boarded Firechat level in mobile social applications in multiple countries around the world, ranked first in the Chile, in Israel and Switzerland after WhatsApp, in Australia, Belgium, Norway, second only to Facebook Messenger.

in burning man lose up

Firechat is in the United States this year Nevada desert’m Burning Man Festival (fire) during a fire. Burning man beach originally began in San Francisco, then in 1986 moved to Nevada’s black rock desert, Reno, 150 km North-East of a basin. At the end of August and early September each year during the labor day, tens of thousands of people rushed to it, especially artists, hippies and yuppies.

people make all kinds of fanciful “art”, or put on clothes, “behavior art” of the full performance. Festival is the climax of the people on the ground into a big circle, the center of the circle of burning a wooden statue of a man 12 meters high, which is the origin of the name “burning man”. Huge flames and ultimately fall on the ground of “fire”, often make the spectators cheered.

mesh free mobile chat application: the next generation communication tool?

us in Nevada’s black rock desert burning man on site

the number of people from all over the world come here to participate in burning man climbing for years, this year has reached about 40000 people, but on the desolate Nevada’s black rock desert, even have to bring all the food and drinking water, the whole existence is a test for eight days, let alone have a communication signal allows you to easily access to the Internet. So, no wonder Firechat this mesh free mobile chat application in these rapidly in just five months after the “fire” between fire up and they are in remote and desolate desert hinterland with Firechat to organize and coordinate all kinds of activities, each other to chat, send photos, dating.

a variety of application prospect

since the burning man festival, on how to further expand Firechat various practical application prospect, the Open Garden of the CMO, chief marketing officer Christopher Daligault in tencent technology interview said: “we basically see this a few kinds application scenario: one kind is like burning man, a variety of large-scale arts, entertainment and sports activities. For example, if you see our giant (baseball) during the game, not only the city of San Francisco traffic stuck in a big mess, cellular networks as well as congestion, too slow to bear. And you can see the games with friends in off-line way using Firechat to smooth communication and send the photos, and, because you can use anonymous mode, when you bad-mouthing the visitors on the mesh network will not irritate each other fans make trouble for yourself.”

may cause cellular network congestion situation in addition to these large art, entertainment and sports activities, there may be a disaster, such as sandy hurricane swept across New York, once local network paralysis, people need to confirm the safety of friends and family, seek public assistance, to let out a line in the journalists from the moment of graphic reports – such a disaster, not influenced by network access restrictions Firechat can also big in handy.

recently, Firechat has been introduced to some journalists verify account open. Open Garden team think like Twitter and Facebook has done now, verify the account to journalists, educators, and community service play a big help, especially under the condition of the network paralysis, Firechat can still let them with our audience in real time communication and coordination.

at present is considered most likely to bring Firechat profitable way is based on the location of the mobile marketing and branding services, especially in the Internet penetration rate is not too high, or the data traffic is still relatively expensive in developing countries and regions. The Open Garden of the founder and CEO of Micha Benoleil recently put considerable time and energy in the expanding Asian especially in the Indian market.

global expansion territory next station: Asia

mesh free mobile chat application: the next generation communication tool?

Micha Benoliel, CEO of the Open Garden – to develop and launch Firechat silicon valley companies

in the interview, Micha Benoleil pointed out that “even the network data traffic fee $5 in a developing country like India is large, we have to guarantee completely free chat application, as long as more and more people begin to use Firechat, with many opportunities to achieve revenue. As urban areas in India has about 243 million Internet users, and permeability by 36%, but in remote areas, Internet penetration is dropped to only 6%. By establishing a brand of verification, Firechat don’t need to rely on the network can also be easily pushed to those living in the Internet branding permeability lower than urban community.”

given Firechat don’t rely on the Internet, but also has great location based mobile marketing and branding of profit potential, there has been a silicon valley venture investors predict Firechat may again become a takeover target like WhatsApp.

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