After the policy in China, film and television, millet again 84 million yuan investment navione

(wen xuan/day)

50 million yuan yesterday after subscribed shares co-sponsored by the film and television, millet investment action again in the future, the goal is to map navigation manufacturer navione.

navione released news, said the company will issue 7 million shares, expected to raise funds not more than 84 million yuan. Among them, the millet is a wholly owned subsidiary of tianjin intentional purchase 4666667 shares; Venus investment co., LTD. Tianjin Venus investment co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of tianjin m investment co., LTD to subscribe for 2333333 shares. Data shows, tianjin Venus investment co., LTD and tianjin shun m investment co., LTD., the two company’s legal representative are lei jun.

that is to say, this is the introduction, the object is millet. Navione the share issue price per share 12.00 yuan, a total of 84 million yuan, that is to say, millet to invest 84 million yuan to buy into navione.

at the moment is the background of O2O concept, as a basic tool, map and navigation has become a key entrance O2O related products, ali purchasing gold, tencent in four figure reform, baidu overweight map input, giants of the scramble for this type of tool has entered a white-hot stage. To gain a foothold in the hardware business, looking to see O2O opportunities of millet, alternative products have been few, navione into the lei jun distraction has been expected.

millet yellow millet is the earliest exploration O2O, by the beautiful MIUI 6 this year a new release, visible lei jun desire for the online life O2O, including build including delivery, express delivery, from the perspective of the mobile phone dialing query purchase tickets, hotel reservation, transportation, fast delivery, digital home appliance such as a set of ecological system. In the process of the build, map nature is indispensable one entrance. Predictably, the millet will then start cooperation with navione.

needs to be stressed the point that, millet looking into car networking system, also it has strong combining with navione business. After have rumors millet to do pure electric vehicles, but denied to the lei jun soon.

the data shows, navione mainly provide car drivers to provide navigation electronic map, navigation software, intelligent terminals and network services, hardware mainly by software licensing, hardware sales and O2O expand business, income is mainly product sales and service charge.

navione, said the stock issuing system for the purpose of the introduction of strategic investors, push the car networking business for the company, and the future large-scale development of mobile Internet business ready to money and resources.

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