After the Line, Kakao, Viber also shot

each big popular IM applications the day of the year in China is not very good. According to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the KakaoTalk Line in Japan and South Korea are already can’t normal login, by the same fate also sets a photo sharing application. Now another chat application – Viber “shot”.

Viber users on social networking sites complain that they should have been able to log in the application has been unable to open. We try to open the Viber home page in the browser, but unable to connect web pages. We are using VPN and proxy server test, some people say that with China unicom 3 g network can log in, but in our tests, no login successfully.

in our tests, a colleague with a cell phone from the Google Play download Viber, use without any problems, but on the iPhone use Viber will display network unable to connect. When we try to use Viber hair message, that’s a lot of mainland users see picture:

not only such, Viber cannot register new users in mainland China:

although Viber is as popular as it in other places in China (WeChat is preferred) in China, some people have noticed the Viber on weibo can’t normal use. After a weibo users complained: “Line inaccessible when I moved to Viber, Viber also unable to log in, now I can’t contact my customers, nima how to do this? !”

at present, we have determined Viber beyond normal landing on the mainland.

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