After the 90 entrepreneurs: uncle aunts, entrepreneurial why lying?

note: science and technology industry of fanfares already very serious, is not only the financing amount will exaggerate several times, even their own user operational data exist serious frauds. After the 90 entrepreneurs start to this mess. WenCheng fai, the author presents founder said. The following for full text:

I was born in 93, the CEO even before he graduated from in many people’s eyes is just a kid, even each time you visit to the other Internet companies or investment organizations, are at the front desk as come over the interview.

although I only 21 years old this year, but it already has 4 years of entrepreneurial experience, set foot on the mobile Internet is almost two years. Product called gift said I now doing, is A vertical guide app, launched three months had 1 million users, active and trading water is pretty good, the company also had A round successfully. But even if is such a good result, when communicating with others, I always say no exports, feel your face is red, because science and technology media reported in startups are more than we are “cool”!!!

I also believe that it is at the beginning, but later on as immersed in this industry more and more deep, only to find that mess of humour and wit to can’t imagine! Although ordinary own will and other business friends privately about these things, but often see some bullshit news recently, really let me unbearable, so she decided to openly poking fun at once!

1. Raised not exaggerate three times!

Internet startup now likes to exaggerate the financing amount, said the most common way is to keep the RMB into dollars, it is only 10 million RMB, mouth say is $10 million, amount of up to 6 times! A little bit with integrity will report to 5 times, 4 times, 3 times, the key is to look at the last digital drift not beautiful, looks great.

I can understand, we exaggerate data only “went to smoke ladder”, sniper, in its bid to scare off potential competitors. And is good for the article hits, publicity, not only is easy to each big media reproduced. Is both a free public relations activities, but also convenient for hiring, cheat customers and users, it is’s interest!

however, science and technology in finance news media not to do the authenticity of the survey data, it really good? I read university sophomore year is the book, read too little, uncles and aunts don’t lie to me. Any a slightly understand journalism knows that news authenticity refers to the news reports for each of the specific facts must be accord with the objective reality, is the news report in time, place, people, things, reason and after are amenable to check it.

bad money by good money, uncles and aunts to blow, let us these children how not bashful to data of the real number? A newspaper becomes us less financing, small scale, low! But in fact everyone the true figure may be almost, even far worse than I! This is to teach bad I went to the rhythm of the fraud?

so on say, in fact, industry bubble is not so big, who has just launched the 100000 users have not team claim to take the tens of millions of dollars in financing, is this not brag? Maybe bubble does not exist, and exist just uncle aunts on the mouth!

2. The number of users, all transactions fake

since raised can be false, so users on the fraud is not a surprise. In a media with a grasp of science and technology has a big put on-line 100 days, 70 million users of products. Damn, the whole of China to many people, 70 million people and bubble urine can drown you, you not bashful say that they have so many users. 70 million how many zero? You let us these worked so hard to do the user’s lovely children how to live?

users fraudulent calculate, the younger sister of water also fake! In the electricity industry, as long as the order is created, all are counted in the water, now even the O2O company also do so. Not long ago, a generation of driving O2O project, not to cow force, bragging about their 2014 can bring an income of 1 billion yuan to 40000 drivers. What is this concept? This is equal to an enterprise of 40000 per month for each staff to open 2000 piece wages can also send a full year! Is this not lying, anyway, I don’t know, can only say that ha ha.

basically, the “elite” entrepreneurial companies fraud means nothing more than the following:

Downloads when users report (brush anyway downloads much cheaper)Find fraud company brush directly activated users, active users and retained users (rich in a certain period depends on this app, in addition to other everything Google statistics can brush)Buy off the media and the third party consulting company, says more people and they became really (a period app is rely on the rich)Version update downloaded also calculate usersAnyway, how data how good

how to judge a fake product data? Share the following a few way:

If app offer micro boden, record the amount of binding to the microblogging search it can speculate about the totalThe App Annie to check the application history of rankingsTo the app store, look at how many are realSee how many people are active on weibo friends recommendLook for the Google statistical data, rather than the other can fake platform, more is not enterprise own background

3. Cloud, O2O, the last one kilometer, big data concepts such as flying

these days, like speak mode will be more and more of the concept of entrepreneurs, as if not to say these are people as a layman (ha ha, experts on the subway a lot). In fact, however, whenever a power would gush people of all patterns are basically in the fool, for example: “everybody is good, we are a rely on big data to solve the problems of the last mile distribution O2O enterprise yao yao da ~” blow, blow will know that you are in. Demand did not understand, setting out, don’t even mention the name of the product, even will know!

it is more suitable products for PGC, UGC also want to go to the point of life. No matter what to do also to go to social by the by, like a sticky with the community.

in addition, it is abroad have what just copy what, copy Pinterest, a few years ago now live well? Copy Snapchat, Taptalk, Tinder, bursts of? What mistakes have been made, it’s not learn some example?

4. Small innovation of the traditional industry is also as subversive to blow

the above said three are very annoying, but recently I hate this. Exactly how the lack of the science and technology media, many short of hot? Run day and night to interview some of the yao’s traditional business, such as selling rice noodles, selling pancakes, selling fruit juice. No innovation which industry? In public comments on brush list, soft wen stories became the original the subversion of the industry, the cow force when don’t feel shame?

about Internet thinking, can we overthrow a pancake shop, I went to eat a meal, nima pay incredibly said cash only! This is kidding me? Originally thought you at least also have a micro letter to pay what pack to force, thought that even a credit card can’t be! If the Internet thinking is cool, uh, your Internet thinking is magnificent.

5. Summary

uncle aunts, children I just shortly after startup, wet behind is not deep, really don’t understand why entrepreneurship will lie? How can investors, entrepreneurs can speculate speculation?

the investor can sell you to the next one cash away, and for entrepreneurs, this but you at least five years of youth! How many five years life allows us to do a career? A little less grandiose, a little less lying, if the project is no less hurriedly in the direction, why boast and fraud?

people alive is to achieve, but business is depends on the steadfast work out. It is good to feel good feeling, but down-to-earth person, can have a good sleep at night!

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