After Rallyteam training employees, let him finish what are you going to outsourcing projects

these days many enterprises fall into the predicament of the brain drain, especially when the millennial generation to join the work force. They seek outside of work more income, and in a stable salary. Can provide more company can retain talents for long. Startup Rallyteam road and create a “staff incentive platform”. This service can help employees to excavate internal potential opportunities, spend a few hours a week, will help to expand knowledge skills and broaden horizons.

Rallyteam Canadian joint sponsor you and Dan Ellis, who work in big companies for quite some time after put forward ideas about the service. On the one hand, these large companies rarely provide growth opportunities, and provide professional development opportunities tend to be boring. At the same time two people also noted that although the company may be someone willing to take the time to study and solve the problem, many departments still often adopt the way of project outsourcing to deal with.

“next, you need is the real world experience and links, however, many companies do not provide any platform.” You told me, “I know there are many of these opportunities, because even if know someone might be in the company can solve this problem, the same as a manager I also often outsourcing project.

Rallyteam system by capturing those inside the company has been put on hold for a long time or the outsourcing projects, these projects with the appropriate skills employees matching, and then solve the problem. In principle, so don’t need to spend money on outsourcing, as well as the problem solved, at the same time also provide a chance to spend a few hours a week to solve the question.

you will Rallyteam pairing procedures in combination with eHarmony system is on the basis of project content, can complete the project selected core skills. When paired with a new project, the system will automatically mark all possible match employees.

you think: “many companies encouraged their employees to take some time to learn every week, but Rallyteam provides experience learning rather than just online course learning.

at present, Rallyteam has cooperation with many large enterprises, including Orange, the commercial center of the university of San Francisco and Finland. Rallyteam also hand in hand with global summit on non-profit organizations how to use the platform were discussed.

Rallyteam will use standard SaaS business model to make pricing schemes, but it is not intended to reveal the actual price. You said: “the Rallyteam according to every employee to participate in the project service charge to the company by the month.

two joint sponsors in Houston at energy company, began working on developing Rallyteam service, then they add Orange incubation solution moved to San Francisco. Just you said: “Houston business prospect is not very clear, so they decided to travel to San Francisco.”

so far, Rallyteam service open beta testing, if you want to try this service, simply.

Source: TC

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