After high school invented intelligent pistol, identify fingerprint to open fire

the Colorado gun violence often happened in history, 17 of the boulder students Kai Kloepfer to reduce gun violence, recent research and development in addition to unlock a must through biological identification to fingerprint of the guns. Kloepfer with his smart gun model on the intelligent technology challenge won a $50000 prize.

earlier this year, in order to promote the reform of gun safety, angel investors and gun reform advocates Ron Conway become the main supporters of the challenge, the challenge of bonuses totaled $1 million. He said in an interview in January: “we can no longer rely on the government in Washington, we want to rely on innovation to ensure their safety”. Intelligent science and technology foundation, said a total of 15 inventor will win the $1 million. Kloepfer was the first to challenge the winner.

Kloepfer gun must first create a user ID, each ID to lock their fingerprints, it is only through the identity authentication is the unique fingerprint can unlock the gun. The clever young interest in information security. He points out that all the user data are stored in the gun, the data will not be uploaded to any other place, so difficult. In addition, it is also very suitable for military purposes.

Kloepfer was two years ago that the high school science put forward the idea of the project. He said: “I just lie down, the idea suddenly appear in my mind. Perhaps since that gun violence (atrocities alluding to aurora, Colorado shootings), I have had the idea.” The shootings occurred in not far from his home, and only one hour’s drive. He explained: “I’m writing my idea is to go to bed, wake up in the morning I began my research.”

Kloepfer parents funding he improve the imperfect part, the whole process of research and development spent $3000 in total. He told me: “at first it is just a piece of paper a bunch of concept, thanks to the support of parents to shape.” He took part in the multiple technology exhibition, each brought a gun has progress. He said: “now I make it a plastic model. Although there is no final, but you can.” He part of the competition prize bought 3 d printer, model used to develop the new parts. Kloepfer coming from fairview graduation from high school this year, he plans to use before graduation of time to complete the gun fingerprint scanning integration capabilities.

Kloepfer said: “in the United States, every half hour to have a child died in the shooting. I hope my gun can reduce accidental deaths and injuries, to avoid the tragedy happen again.” (note: according to the damage with the data of the centre for policy research, there are 1500 children die each year from shooting in the United States, is injured in the shootings.)


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