After age: SONY Vaio push “monster tablet”, focus on niche, for $1800

to shout out “SONY can also have a very good” slogan, Vaio PC brand’s new owner, the Japanese investment fund JIP (Japan Industrial Partners) recently unveiled a prototype the niche markets for domestic development of products. This is SONY after absorbing experience panasonic company out of step.

this nicknamed “monster tablet (monster tablet)” of the new product is to integrate the laptops and tablet of the integration of body, specially designed for photographers, illustrators and other professionals. Has a 12.3 -inch high-resolution screen, equipped with an electronic stylus and a wireless keyboard.

“monster tablet once successful, will be followed by a huge price tag – at least 200000 yen (1825 dollars). The price alone can fully display the SONY skip the entry-level market direct determination of niche professional crowd – at least, panasonic adopt such strategies to succeed. It is understood that the current two-thirds of the nation’s total of 420000 police cruiser had is equipped with panasonic Toughbook is three computers.

Vaio incumbent deputy general manager Yoshifumi Ito said: “we hope that through the development of a tablet as great as the desktop computer, let liberated creative workers work from the desktop environment.”

focus for photographers, graphic art designers, and Web designers of America’s research and development of computer software Adobe Systems hosted a conference in California, Vaio to show the prototype for the new product for the first time.

Vaio is disclosing the first batch of new products into the market in May next year, but the plan has only in domestic market. Although the Vaio notebook in global markets are still sold, how do you say but they can be from SONY’s “adoptive” blood. While “monster tablet” will be under the rule of JIP Vaio first son.

Vaio product fashionable appearance and excellent quality, has always been to make it in Hollywood movies have extremely high one. But as the price of civilian computer and the emergence of smartphones, SONY’s PC business has been frustrated. Three months ago, SONY finally for the price of a 95% stake in the personal computer business to JIP, only left a 5% stake to oneself.

in this computer is cheaper and cheaper in the market, the price of the tablet “monster” appear very ambitious. According to the Japanese market Research institutions MM Research Institute survey statistics, in 2000, the personal computer market average of about $174000; Last year, that number has dropped to 69000.

however, Vaio prices obviously is a kind of strategic decision. Vaio staff said that this kind of service niche strategy is inspired by panasonic notebook computer business: panasonic computer with material strong, strong light and life quality to win the good reputation, the selling point is enough for the needs of customers.

although panasonic average price of a laptop is as high as 200000 yen or more, but its sales performance seems to be without interference. Headquartered in Osaka, panasonic company recently announced that its business including personal computer division will be earlier than expected, goal in this fiscal year to 120 billion yen in March. It also makes domestic PC business flagging other manufacturers of electronic products.

the Vaio spokesman Miwa Asakura said: “our CEO told us all the time, learn panasonic successes.”

Source: WSJ

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