After 90 part-time poet fell to his death, foxconn powerless to prevent the tragedy happen again

the last day of September, in shenzhen, China, migrant workers, Mr Xu, jump down from foxconn’s staff dormitory building died, just 24 years old. Foxconn is the electronics manufacturing giant, with millions of employees, produce the majority of the iPhone worldwide.

in most cases, the death of Mr Xu will surely be a drop in the bucket the tide of China’s rapid economic development. He is a member of the China’s work force, only from their homes at a young age to crowded cities, like a no head of flies in search of work. But ultra-high strength, factory aspect of work pressure and low wages makes more and more disappointed to the life, eventually led to the tragedy.

but Mr Xu and an identity – poet. After his death, his friends to collect his life’s work, will also be some poems published in the local newspaper in shenzhen.

Mr Xu, born in 1990, was born in jieyang, guangdong province. Like literature, especially love poetry. Works can be found in the work the poet works of literature, dc literature “shenzhen special zone signs up for” the poet of tianjin new century poems “and so on, was working in shenzhen. Work has been hailed as a literary successor after the 90 shenzhen poet Mr Xu, fell to his death on October 1, 2014, the police suspected suicide.

these poems translation on, is the modern Chinese army work division, inner pain, this is also the problems faced by other developing countries. These poems hate boring single production line work, but in the miserable condition of part-time workers.

Mr Xu in his “house” (2013) wrote: “every time I open the window or Chai Men/I like a dead/cover the coffin, slowly away”.

shenzhen in mainland China and Hong Kong, is a continuous development, metropolis with a population of 13 million. A few decades ago, it was a sleepy little fishing village. Nowadays, a soaring skyscrapers, high-grade residential, shopping centers are everywhere. Shenzhen is the representative of China’s economic rise.

but the wave of victims is bound to have some. Mr Xu’s were quoted in the London review of this poem, the poem artistic conception in the famous poet in the poem “from cheng gu has appeared:


we ran along the railroad tracks

into one place called city

betray youth, betray Labour

sell to sell to, finally found the body only a cough

a nobody to bone

“night shift”

in every man fell asleep at

workmates and I have opened my youth couple wound

this black eyes ah, really can bring us light?

according to his friend, Mr Xu countless times wanted to quit his job at the foxconn. Many times he want to get a job in shenzhen library or bookstore, but was rejected for many times, even foxconn internal library turned him down. Then, Mr Xu and his girlfriend to go to suzhou for a period of time, two people after breaking up, Mr Xu returned to continue to work at foxconn in shenzhen.

he clearly in the poem wrote his pain (December 2013) :

I swallowed a iron do moon

they call it a screw

I swallow this industrial wastewater, the order of unemployment

those below the machine died early youth

I swallow, swallow displaced

swallow footbridge, swallow with dirty of life

I swallow not to descend again

all now once I swallow from throat swelling

in the territory of the motherland spread into a

The poem


Mr Xu is not only a suicide, foxconn employees as early as 2010, a series of suicides, China’s largest private enterprise can push it to the forefront of world opinion. Foxconn has been trying to improve staff accommodation and working environment, but in the past five years, the media reported there are 18 attempted suicide incidents occur.

“we are very sad to lose such a young employee, a talented poet,” foxconn said in a statement. Foxconn said it had the greatest help for the dead family, and by the special healing of employee psychological researchers launched a 24-hour service hotline.

“no matter how hard we try, still can’t completely prevent this tragedy to happen,” said in a statement.

Mr Xu at the end of a poem, it may be written in the book he committed suicide on the same day, says the idea of his suicide.

I also want to touch the sky

to touch the blue wipe gently

but these I can’t do that

I’ll leave this world

all people have heard of my

don’t have to leave me surprised

not to sigh, or sad

I come is good, go to, is also very good

a mind foxconn workers also wrote a poem, “a loose screw work/a brother jumped away” Zhou Jizao one day after the death of xu wrote. At the end of the poem is: “a white-haired father/holding black casket/hobbled home”

Source: Whashingtonpost

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