After 90, founder of the barge lei jun: we don’t want to do on the tuyere of the pig

cloud network hunting note: sing, founder and CEO of mulberry yoon in 2014 phoenix financial summit of innovation space link “shelling” lei jun’s famous theory of “pig” on the tuyere. He thinks that the methodology of young entrepreneurs want to with entrepreneurs are not the same as now, the next era with the next era subversive methodology, often also is this generation can’t understand.

the author: the jas

as 22, namely to achieve financial freedom entrepreneurial CEO after 90, mulberry yoon in 90 after the how to get along with the world, how to achieve their business have a dream that a theory is blood. “Young people are more reluctant to surrender to the fucking world. It is said that each one was reborn will choose a model, if you select the mode of easy words can go to northern Europe, because we have chosen China, accidentally chose the hard mode. Everyone living city Do not necessarily have a very good education resources, not very fair for the college entrance examination policy, do you want to worry about your house, to worry about your spouse, to worry about whether you can raise up children, so a lot of people have different choice next time Select the hard mode, but just because of this mode, we should not compromise.”

high school began to read the American school, yoon is bentley dealer after college admission to the full prize, in the United States twice entrepreneurial success. In 2012, a sophomore he dropped out of home business, this option is “adventure”. Because according to his own, many students want to be a dancer, scientists and so on, finally all concessions to secular, went to the bank. “I had to go to the United States, I can go to a ranking is in front of the school, but I went to a business school, a lot of people ask the time of my Alma mater, they all don’t know, because I made that choice, so I will drop out of school entrepreneurship.” Interest in free choice to mulberry yoon provides more choices.

in addition to the diversity of life choices and life mode, Yin mulberry also called for “ning do the falcon in the storm, also never do on the tuyere of the pig”. He gave three reasons: first, after 60 of 70 after 80 after generation is not the same as after 90, when the era of material deprivation, understanding of the material for more than 90 after generation. In 90 after the choice of material is various, in this case, the understanding is want to do after 90 a more cool, now there is no business model in the world, and “pig” on the tuyere clearly not cool enough.

70 after 80 after the second 60 on the hard competition conditions have more advantages, such as industry experience, contacts circle, talent recruitment. In this case, only after 90 “surprise” in the business model.

“in the end, the methodology of young entrepreneurs want to with the entrepreneur now is not the same, the next era with the next era subversive methodology, tend to be this generation can’t understand.” Yin sen concluded.

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