After 360 incoming conference for the first time a great god F2 netcom edition 899 preheating

hunting cloud network on December 30th (word/water Yan)

the intervention of new channels, the mobile phone industry is becoming more and more deep. Had to rely on technology intensive market channels of policy, technical cooperation, gradually became guided by the capital market, Montana technology cooperation with technology and design in exchange for capital. The high-tech industry growth driving force changed.

then 360 well recently introduced into the cool, in the present, but it is the arrival of personalized high-end machine, one thousand yuan.

the spirit’s blue NOTE with personalized fine one thousand yuan machine image promoting, cool and phone for the first time cooperation after the 360 conference aimed at the spirit’s blue pain points — all netcom to borrows the propaganda.

all the great god F2 netcom version there is no doubt that USES a qualcomm on configuration complete solutions – designed for one thousand yuan of eight nuclear 64 A53 Xiao dragon chip 615, 16 g, 2 g + 1300 + 500 “” 720 p. Then the price, or 899.

products is the only feature of whole netcom seven mode frequency, is not the great god F2 hd (1080 p) all netcom version . Through the cooperation with 360 released, incarnate blue note market hot spots, promoting issued very professional.

but price plus 899 F2 good industrial design, and finally to optimize all the details, the system stability of these characteristics can be achieved, but for telecom users can be said to be a boon.

telecom users can’t afford to injury.

the cool and gave no details of cooperation, with 360 on January 8, the great god of X7 became a reasonable time cooperation details. The conference using a cool head Guo Deying platform personally, qualcomm greater China President wang xiang, s&d chairman wen-hui huang, day love cats electric city zhang jun, general manager for this platform at the same time, to show the cool (supply chains, sales channels) in the industry.

although the Internet channel development, but like mobile phone hands a necessities of life, in fact most of the channels or in a traditional offline. Traditional phone makers rational choice to cooperate with third-party electric business channels and self-built electricity is the only choice. Not everyone thinks the “traditional phone makers stupid big thick”.

traditional manufacturers how to let oneself advantage good cooperation channels of offline and online channels, this is the key problem. And how to use the phone in the system, service users at the same time, bring more commercial value is another difficulty.

this is currently all confused, how to cooperate with 360 cool?

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