Advertisers should focus on the future or social communications platform

a new social communication application is popular, and popularity continues to expand the scope of; As a result, send text messages this way of social communication is out of date. From Kik to Line, from Viber to WhatsApp, social communication application is designed for young people to social media, so to speak. With the continuous development of telecommunications applications, it will become an important part of social media.

application in Asia’s most widely used communication

Line and micro believed the two telecommunications applications have been very popular in China and other Asian countries. In view of this, north American and European telecommunications applications developers are trying to catch up. WeChat, rice chat, letter, ‘smart phones and other mobile devices is the most common and one of the most popular applications, at least in China, India, and other Asian countries.

both for customers and advertisers, social communication applications market prospects are very broad. Of these applications is mainly affected by the younger generation, also said that they have their own a new generation of consumers. And, the popularity of the application is more and more high, advertisers have been unable to ignore.

application for free, and you pay with their own data

many applications on mobile devices are free, but is want to charge for some specific projects, such as related to personal or public interest (you send information there are corresponding to charge), application charge remind pops out. Advertisers can take advantage of this advertising model to find the right customers, users in the process of using the free application, will also feel very humanized – although the human nature is based on business purpose.

this streamlined, removable centered design concept can even prompted several related technical renovation of old. Qr code, for example, it is easy to meet the service requirements of a lot with words and images. Increased and the service network chat reality, people in the use of communication and social media, use a lot of network buzzwords, suggesting that social communication application in the new communication mode is an indispensable part of.

to be reckoned with opponents: Google rise again in the field of telecommunications applications

in the rumor about Google, most attention should be this one: Google will launch a communications application recently, but the customer does not need to set up Google account can be used. If so, given the other services are some input your account information to use, so this is Google made a major breakthrough in the company. However, Google is based on the principle of service to the user’s activities can be traced to a great extent information – this is one of the Google advertising.

as Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the function of the service is being developed to get incisively and vividly. May this service in the industry has been around forever, but now it is very likely is free to use, this is on the Line even WhatApp (annual fee charged by a relatively small) poses a great threat. So it would take this free service from apple still far behind? Anyway, once the communication in the application of the two giants began to implement free services, the beneficiaries are customers, the end result is to make the application more humanized, become a customer friendly communications applications.

Line is one of the most popular with the customers of mobile communications applications, the issue of it at first, its potential customers are likely to reach 1 billion. So, under normal circumstances, any smart marketers want as a customer base – especially when their target customers are people teens and twenties, or even the so-called “generation” in one thousand (people born between 1980 and 1995).

the Line from became the only popular customer communication application is far from it, to achieve this goal, for the most part will depend on your target customers and common customers. And, you have to bear in mind that the people have conformity, such as their tourism always love to relatives and friends have been to place, in which communications applications, the conformity psychology is more obvious.

so how do individual or company began to develop mobile application or social media communication application? It begins with first to understand a new communication model, this model not only contains the communication need SMS terms, acronyms and emoticons and other digital shorthand method; Also includes stickers, sometimes is a dynamic stickers, sometimes is static sticker, but usually these stickers with a consistent style of art; If the two together, the communication mode of the service function will be very strong.

although telecommunications applications has been very popular, but it is still in the stage of development. In the New Year, pay attention to communication application in the related areas of social development is a social network can establish a new social pattern of the key.



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