Acton hot wheels: the world’s first intelligent electric shoes today jingdong the raise

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the legend of ancient Chinese have which zha stamped on the hot wheels: “miss you when you make the sea”. Did a postcard France in 1899, is a fable of 2000: everyone feet wearing a pair of running shoes that driving force. Now, acton put these into reality. Hunting cloud network with everyone to feel the smart wearable transport.

you can imagine skating and roller skates, and defined as it is just a toy. When the wheel and the shoes fit completely, using motor drive, and then also can connect to mobile phone APP, a intelligent wearable traffic tools was born. Company from Los Angeles ACTON (ACTON) launched the R Rocketskates parkour shoes recently detonated Kickstarter, raised $440000. When it came to China, had a most suitable but the Chinese name of “hot wheels”.

each heavy shoes 3 kg, hot wheels on both sides of the big wheels, heels a little wheels. It can be independent movement, shoes by using a two motor to drive. Built-in lithium electricity and intelligent control system. User forward acceleration, backward of deceleration and brake, and a variety of optional sliding mode. ACTON hot wheels points three types, namely, R6, the R8 and R10, corresponding to six miles, eight miles, 10 miles of range, the fastest speed of up to 19 km/h, if the condition is good, running sole raw wind: no problem. It is very suitable for short within the city, that is, to walk too far, laborious driving distance, such as to and from work. Maximum bearing 120 kilograms, nine kilometers range.

ACTON hot wheels electric shoes can also be connected to the mobile terminal APP via bluetooth. The user at any time to check the electric power shoes, speed, path and the perimeter line passenger friend, global guest list etc. APP also provides a large number of interactive games at the same time, help the line guest more interesting to learn how to use hot wheels; Through the APP remote connection, hot wheels also can be divided into minute change to your remote control robot.

in view of the hot wheels don’t have any elder reference, belongs to the category of new vehicles. According to hunt cloud network understanding, all design, product shape need oneself fumble, it has become one of the problems of product design. “We are the first to eat crab, so difficult to learn.” Hunting cloud network learned from Janelle. The main difficulties and focus in the aspect of intelligent control, the use of hot wheels is need to like ice skates sliding a few start again, to ensure safety, in the process of driving, foot forward is accelerated, similar to hit the gas pedal, stand up straight is slow, stop there are two ways, foot before or after the soles of your feet on the ground. After stop, it is walkable, such as you want to take the stairs or across several pit.

this looks be like simple, but the machine is very important for the intention to understand you now, go, speed, stop switch freely, quickly respond to changes in the road. And because the shoe plate close to the ground, the forward is very sensitive, acceleration curve needs to be designed very carefully. ACTON hot wheels to avoid this problem, but also ushered in the new challenge, for the highest bearing 125 kilograms, shoes and even at high speed, the stability of the structure design is very challenge. Facts have proven that these difficulties are solved.

hunting cloud network contact with the product for the first time, only feel the heel part is too thick, may be the cause of the battery. But the stair step width limited, doubt can put down, don’t want to side up and down the stairs? Like crabs? I think may be transferred to the side of the battery and motor, is outside of the legs. Of course, for the sake of symmetry, can also be assigned to the both sides of the leg on average.

if you can and shoes real unity that would be great, wear and take off, after all, is a difficult thing to do. Can consider the two wheels design into the form of adjustable position, and use it every time you feel down, when not increase its location, out of the ground, so much that the sole contact with the ground. , of course, the premise is to motor battery shoes itself is light in weight, can conveniently.

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