Acer recovery secret: focus on emerging markets, buy a PC to “bargain”

acer said publicly, will be the main business from computer production shift to mobile devices. This year, acer has major science and technology exhibition in Taipei on shows the new smart watches, tablets, and smartphones. But acer repeatedly, is a traditional computer business development up to now.

research shows that the computer especially laptops to troubled acer hit a shot in the arm. In the third quarter of this year, the overall shipments increased by 27% compared with the same period last year. You know, today’s computer industry as a whole in a downward trend. And the success of acer, cannot leave in the similar this mixed with epoxy resin products such as out of stock and its powerful sales strategy.

acer had been through a period of decline. Its management has experienced two major changes in 2011. The first is the CEO of Italian Gianfranco Lanci, leaving the company at that time, acer’s European operations, a shrinking and Lanci responsible for European business. As the decline in PC sales in the world, acer suffered losses in 2013, but in the first half of this year’s profit was twice in the same period last year.

with fewer profits, acer turning to development of smart phones, tablets, variable tablets. In short is any area except for basic computer business. As the manufacturer of Taipei centered, acer since 1976, has been in mass production for computer products.

but the computer did not really to be eliminated. Acer was once the world’s second-largest PC vendor, ranking fourth place last year. PC take up 77% of the acer product line, compared to 14% of mobile devices. Acer now become Google this main contractor, in a world of full of mobile equipment consumption to one of the PC industry.

but this sales only accounted for a small part of acer’s overall share, it shows that the main production of the acer’s traditional PC business. , according to a report from the Taipei market research institutions TrendForce notebook’s overall sales because of a drop in prices in the third quarter than the same period last year rose by 4.2%, to 45.8 million. This is the attractive price, PC manufacturers are in constant prices to remain competitive, will attract consumers from mobile devices.

although profit margins with falling prices, but acer can still good to offset the cost, because of its PC shipments has already reached the so-called “size effect”, this is Jane Taipei institute of market intelligence and consulting analyst Yeh judgment.” Acer has been actively expand this and low-end notebook product line. “Yeh in an interview, said,” as one of the vanguard of the industry launched low-priced notebook, acer laptop sales have begun to positive growth. “

Yeh added: the CEO Jason Chen (Jason Chen) in the first half of this year “visit + cement” after the relationship with dealers, acer began to adopt low-cost computers new sales way, it can recover after the departure of Lanci problem completely.

there are about 600 million people worldwide in computer using Windows XP, Microsoft has decided to stop for the life of 13 years of operating system maintenance, this may mean that a large number of people may need to replace the new computer, so that the PC business decline in the industry for many years. In emerging markets, with 80% of the population don’t have a computer, acer, looking forward to the expansion in this area.

acer communications Stella Chou said, acer will growth in the third quarter thanks to for students to create this, deformable computer and epoxy resin, the performance of the U.S. market is particularly eye-catching.

but the PC business rebound may be at the end of the season. TrendForce said: “we’re worrying that a recovery momentum unsustainable.” Every brand in the fourth quarter than in the third quarter fell by 3-5%. HP also released the strongest notebook in the third quarter.

some analysts worry that acer before excess sales may allow the distributor to hoard more inventory. PC sales next year at best, only the same as in 2014, they said. Compared with the corresponding Strategy Analytics market analysts believe shipments of smart phones will grow by 12% next year to 1.4 billion.

technology Vincent Chen, an analyst at Yuanta securities in Taipei, said: the global economy is not strong, in addition to sales outside the United States remains weak. At the same time, smart phones are becoming more and more good, and you can also use it to surf the Internet. The computer you want why?


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