According to body and taste, for you to make healthy food chef “machine”

as a version, in trouble with the same question every day. To the point of rice, what to eat? This is a lasting topic. Since when it comes to eating, so we must see a look at this artifact. It can help us to produce high nutrition and good taste food at home. Want to cook porridge? Also want juice? Want a cup of tea? Well, all is no problem.

there is a design company, it was always looking forward and wish people would soon be able to taste to meet everyone’s taste “ flavor pills ” (capsules).

now, americans gradually become no longer addicted to TV dinner “(a TV dinner ready meals. Independent packing frozen or chilled meal. This requires very little preparation and contains a single-serving meal ingredients.) The emergence of this situation, largely because most people are interested in fresh food more. And, it also means we after its hands-on cooking, food can be more easy and convenient. Now, there is such a futuristic new food system. Its purpose is to insist on from local farmers’ market to buy fresh produce, then out for people to produce a delicious lunch.

in this new system, a set of household electrical appliances will connect to an application together. And the application of answered people long plagued the problem, that is what to eat dinner. Solved the problem, it will be for you to belong to your “candlelight dinner”. The application to your personal reality as the starting point, suppose you running in the morning more than 30 minutes a day, your refrigerator reserves all sorts of food, although you can supplement energy from the frozen food, but you still need extra vitamin C. Then the application and then will be based on the real situation for you cook a table of delicious food.

“Flavor pills” is a kind of miniature water soluble capsule, it contains rich organic spices and nutritional supplements. They were designed a special cooking kitchen utensils and appliances of capsules. First, we put it and some fresh produce ingredients in to one of the appliances, add some water. Then by using a sensor and microprocessor, it will be in the appropriate temperature, ready for you in a suitable time for dinner.

“has the perfect dose collocation between ingredients and seasonings, and this formula implied in flavor in the pills. According to cook recipes from all over the world, we can put the flavor, spices and all sorts of nutrition element balance suppression in the capsule, and be able to reserve the delicious food for a long time, “Koz Susani Design (Design studio) from Chicago Marco Susani explains,” so, compared to the traditional cooking program, it is ready to work faster, and it requires fewer skills.”

through the synchronous development of food and household electrical appliance, the designers want to make it easier to control nutrition collocation. They also hope to be able to better understand the collocation of food health.

“today, although you can exercise tracker by the fitness and eating together, but the fitness tracker still has its own disadvantages. The lack of it is how to accurately track your food plan, production and consumption, “Susani said,” in order to to make up for the gap, we design a kind of network devices based on touch screen, it can fully grasp your own health records, and in accordance with the tailored for you a correct and reasonable diet. Today it is different from the kind of solutions based on smartphone dietary applications. Our application can directly device together, so it can be executed directly recipes.

and the most convenient food, users still insist on purchasing ingredients in the farmer’s market. Susani said, “in the main ingredient of fresh local procurement and ingredients, with has multiple advantages: the development of local agriculture, confirmed the best quality, support the seasonal change, and maintain a zero distance logistics.”

“Flavor pills”, contains only a small amount of food, but also with the help of molecular gastronomy technology development and packaging, so as long as there is consumer, it can be shipped. They can “develop balance diet, nutritional value,” Susani explained that “food to the factory system was thought to be unhealthy and low quality of the food, so we want to find a between homemade, high quality food. That sounds very good, but it requires a lot of skills and make unremitting efforts.”

the designers are trying to turn the concept into reality. “We are facing now is a kind of cultural challenges,” Susani also said, “the food industry, with 15 years ago, computer and mobile phone maker faced by digital industries: today’s food industry and as today’s home appliances, is completely isolated from the software industry – content industry. “

“in the food industry today, nobody can insight and manage the overall situation, and puts forward a complete nutrition experience,” he added, “of course, the situation will be continued until the arrival of a disruptive innovation, and then thoroughly change the whole industry. And this is where we are going to fight for the goal.”


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