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the mobile Internet era, everyone Shared, news spread more widely, all aspects of life are turned to the mobile Internet, with the help of the mobile Internet, life quality improvement is also a few minutes. Laundry, about the car, spare time online to earn extra money, housekeeping, delivery and other aspects are filled with the mobile Internet brings convenient, let the life more wisdom. Of course, with the popularity of sports, sports fitness areas, with the aid of different changes have taken place in the mobile Internet.

as a manager, if the door is still struggling to cling to the gym for college, so will miss a lot of traffic on the net, limited development speed and scope of business; As students, if think if you want to correct exercise regularly you have to go to the gym for a coach, so will inevitably lead to process cumbersome and expensive and the results are not so good.

so, with the help of the mobile Internet, sports fitness crowd can realize how convenient way and breakthrough?

sports social App – about the coach is a from a user perspective, to help users convenient and professional coaches and docking platform, users through independent screening of appointment for professional coach services, so as to improve the scientific nature of the movement, promote efficiency of exercise may reduce the sports injuries. Currently about coach already include badminton, tennis, swimming, slimming, yoga, dance, and regular and not regular exercise class such as skiing, in coach also includes sports enthusiasts and professional sports coaches, but also indicate the time period and price, and provide sports, for customers a wide range of selection and choice.

in the new society is advocated in more mining each and every one of all available resources, but also helps people to maximize the demand, thus to maximize efficiency. Is different from the music automatically records user activity, such as dynamic and splash calories tool app, about the coach mainly provides a docking platform for coaches and sports enthusiasts. About the coach that a new form of sports, break the traditional way, using O2O thinking, everyone can be a personal trainer, everyone can have a personal trainer. In this process, resources rational allocation of supply and demand.

as a mobile App for fitness, in order to better serve the people in shape, and thin body and meet people’s hobby, therefore itself has lasting usability, user viscosity is higher. In March 2014, Mobiquity used or plan to use the survey of 1000 mobile fitness App us Internet users, the study found that 70% of respondents use every day or plan to use the App. Nearly two-thirds of respondents plan to more frequent in the future five years the use of the App.

the current sports fans around the service market gradually formed a new iec, participants had all kinds of hand ring and other hardware, data storage, fitness trainer, traditional sports app developers, also illustrates the development of sports fitness class market is about to expand.

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