About entrepreneurship: an excellent talents can be over 100 employees

at Stanford university, recently launched an entrepreneurship, professor is made up of silicon valley’s most successful technology founder. Is the first day of the course has been completed, the famous investor Sam Altman in it to everyone about his inspire entrepreneurial some secret in YC incubator, another Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz also made a brilliant speech. All in business class teaching, has been build billions of dollars in enterprises.

in fact, whether you want to start your own business, or simply have strong interest in science and technology culture, the first hall entrepreneurship is very worth a look.

in order to let the reader can easily understand some of the elite class, the author summarizes the 11 in this very helpful advice, might as well let’s see what the are:

1, “you shouldn’t have to start a business, entrepreneurship, in fact, if you just want to make money, is a lot of very simple method, but if you choose to venture, the most important thing is to have a special passion, and entrepreneurship should be in the second place.”

Altman and Moskovitz both cited the example of a very convincing, tell everyone if startups will make money as the main strategy, result certainly will not be too optimistic. Moskovitz shows a diagram, which shows that in a billion-dollar level company, an excellent talents can be over 100 employees.

in silicon valley, there are a lot of shortcuts allow you to become millionaires, and if you put your time in a decade into an unproven idea, the risk is very big.

2, “the world needs you to do something, if you do not need this world, then to do some of the world needs.”

before there has been a kind of rhetoric, is a startup founder of his ideas are very persistent, full of enthusiasm. Moskovitz also published their own views on this view. Unless you think if we do not develop the product you can’t live, but want to know, if your company would not make it through the most difficult thing, you also can’t live, and if really need to sit a road walk to black, also won’t someone will follow you.

3, “the vast majority of the outstanding company will adhere to the idea of a good, or ideas, they don’t often transformation, if your company stay away to transformation, so they won’t become a big business.”

a startup founder often feel that they can start from a common idea, and then slowly development transformation, eventually into an excellent enterprise, though Altman is not recognized. , he says, most companies will fail in the transformation, and the so-called successful companies in the transformation, often is because they solve problems that the founder of the original expectations.

4, “the first thing you should have a good idea, and then go to business… If you have a lot of very good idea, you can select a own consideration is most a, then think about how to put the idea into reality.”

I have heard, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, a startup before they have a lot of ideas, so he told his good friends, and these ideas in the end they suggest Hoffman LinkedIn is founded. In other words, the business usually don’t solve many problems at once. But, if you all day thinking about a problem, then it is the first to solve it.

5, “you need a market, its scale is large enough in the next ten years… . This is one of the biggest systematic errors people make the investment, they only consider to start-up company’s own growth, without considering the growth of the market.”

Peter Thiel suggested that the company can try to establish a monopoly, possess all the market. Want to be in the next five to ten years to have the biggest share of the in a certain field, so the only way, is to become a monopoly in the field.

6, “in general, if you can build some of the things they really need, it would be better… Because it will let you go to truly understand your own products, rather than a passive to learn, especially when you face a customer.”

this is self-evident, for privilege yuppie develop products, silicon valley has been discussed so many times. Altman seem to believe that this is the only one to create good startup method.

7, “if words can’t explain clearly what you are doing, just say it is too complex.”

try to keep it simple, easy to use.

8, “for start-up companies, to be successful in life, it is best to be able to know a lot of potential co-founder.”

as a “social butterfly”. If there is no founding partner, business will be very difficult. Facebook, PayPal, and Google, they all have joint founder, also is very good, and their relations with each other and they are all know each other through their social circle.

9, “when the successful startup founder about starting my own business at the beginning of the story, they always say they will be sitting in front of the computer constantly to develop their own products, or to look for the customer. Truth is such, they won’t go to do other useless things.”

at startup, Altman suggest startup founder don’t recruit media team or sales team. As long as know your products, and know the customer wants to use the product promotion, so, the founder of a good can fix everything himself.

10, “you are developing products, best can let a small number of users really fall in love with it, and not let a large group of users like it.”

development through reputation, customers will really fall in love with your products, like is not love.

11, “the best ideas, the beginning is always looks terrible… .. Those who look to disdain, tend to be good idea.”

the obvious idea, and the attractive idea, has long been big business to take. Start-up companies to be successful, they have to do something crazy, but without remarkable things.

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