About: “electronic ticket” to replace the traditional tickets, enjoy the “one-stop” work style of literature and art activities

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for most of the movie people want to buy a movie ticket kiosks must use cinema machine or some other online ticketing system, ticketing process is more complex; And in recent years popular qr code tickets are often there are security holes, such as often have stolen. Therefore, how to simplify the traditional ticketing process and improve the safety of the qr code tickets become a problem worth thinking about.

recently had the opportunity to come into contact with a known as the “about” App, core logic is used instead of the mobile Internet entities and qr code. About mobile ticketing App usage scenario is as follows: the user choice in region of interest, performance or film premiere, order booking, payment, performance showed the electronic ticket to recount the users. Next similar mobile phone “sign on” principle, the check-in staff will be shown at the user of electronic ticketing do an own special gestures, electronic ticket then appeared with the words “check-in” red stamp.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, new idea is the key of the ticket or by ‘special gesture to solve the problem of electronic ticket validation. This particular gestures, like traditional execution behavior, about every cooperate with an activity, can random by the partner of a special gesture, but this particular gestures is absolutely confidential.

about founder clear experience is rich, freshman year after dropping out of school to self-study of Internet technology, has in the Internet, traditional media and 3 g portal, and gradually come into contact with the ticket market performance, from the media stepped into the field of mobile communications. Sunny think electronic votes will replace the entity, and now the ticketing system based on the qr code, but the qr code validation need hardware machine, cost is too high, as a start-up ticketing company is difficult to solve the problem.

in clear view, and rooted in the PC era traditional online ticketing company is different, some is a completely ticketing system based on mobile Internet development and operations, in June 2013, apply for patent “about ticketing system”, the innovative ideas and technologies may make storage cloud virtual electronic ticket on the user’s tickets, mobile payment and verification completely replace the real ticket, and make the expensive heavy kiosks machine.

about the ticket pattern is novel, but it must be supported by high quality content. Current activities including concerts, fans meeting, about the movie premiere, drama and exhibitions, such as movie tickets are still must integrate each big theater. Is the role of some of these and related cultural entertainment life information together, and provide a convenient ticket process, implement in the dialogue with the stars – looking for activities – sharing/invitations, tickets, check-in, memory retention after activities, to buy merchandise, enjoy the “one-stop” life of literature and art. According to cloud network understanding, hunting around has been opened in guangzhou/Beijing/Shanghai/shenzhen four cities.

about in officially launched on December 12, 2013, with advanced ticket system, the ticket sales of more than 600000 yuan, online product recommendations included in the App Store that day. According to hunting cloud network understanding, at present about the business model mainly includes the ticketing agent and technology licensing, the future can cooperate with some social networking sites with ticketing functions, or directly with other ticketing company cooperation, even may be applied to as Meituan, public comments on the net and other non-food group-buying service group-buying business, help them to save hardware cost and staff time costs, etc.


Company: guangzhou noisy information technology co., LTD.

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