About Bill Gates, worth $120 million a person of extraordinary powers curtilage 19 startling secret

as America’s richest man, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has a net worth of us $81.5 billion. As one of the richest men in the world, have the luxury of a mad house is not a strange thing. Gates spent seven years and $63 million to build their own the property.

he mansion called Xanadu2.0 Medina in Washington, the name is derived from “Citizen Kane” Charles Foster Kane fictional houses. It is very big, covers an area of 6.6 square feet, and adopted many high-tech. Let’s enumerate the most high-profile Xanadu2.0 some characteristics.

Worth at least $123 million

according to the news from the King county public jurors office, this year, this property is worth $123.54 million. In 1988, gates bought the area property for $2 million. It is said that he need to pay about $1 million in property taxes every year.

the project took 500000 feet of lumber

this house is built of Douglas fir trees in 500. The project employs a total of 300 construction workers, 100 of them are an electrician.

high-tech sensing system was used to let a guest to monitor indoor environment and lighting

when guests visit, they will get a small can interact with the house sensors equipment. Guests can enter their own temperature and illumination, when they walk about in the house, the temperature and lighting automatically. And whatever you go to which room, the music will be with you, thanks to hide behind the wallpaper of the speaker.

home to use its natural environment to reduce heat loss

Xanadu2.0 is an ecological house, based on the natural environment surrounding the building can more effectively to adjust temperature.

can only need to touch button to change the art on the wall

$80000 worth of computer screen around the house. Anyone can be displayed on the screen they like paintings or photographs, the paintings photos stored on the $150000 worth of storage devices.

in the swimming pool is equipped with underwater music system

in a 3900 – square – foot building there is a 60 feet of swimming pool, people can from the bottom of the glass wall section downstream to the outside the balcony.

at the same time, the building is also equipped with a locker room, with four inside shower room and two bathrooms.

a 20-foot trampoline room

unable to describe the size of the trampoline room, but we can imagine, relative to the standard of exercise that would be a very interesting choice.

sports field covers an area of 2500 square feet, including the sauna room, steam room and separate men’s and women’s locker room.

a large banquet hall can accommodate 200 guests

covers an area of 2300 square feet of the dinner hall can host up to 150 people or 200 people in the party. A 6 feet wide limestone fireplace occupies a whole wall, and relative on the wall is a 22 ft wide screen.

24 houses bathroom, there are 10 facilities complete between bath crock

if gates to hold a big party, the bathroom is absolutely useful. But, as usual, it seems a little too far.

a total of six kitchen

these kitchen distribution in different parts of the house, in any case, the employee can be ready at any time.

a preserved gates spent $30 million for a manuscript of huge library

this covers an area of 2100 square feet of the library has a dome roof and two implicit bookcase, including a bookcase or a hidden bar. Looked up toward the ceiling, can see the line from “the great gatsby” in the words: “when a person struggling for a long time, see the dream is so close, he won’t give up easily.”

the library collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th century manuscript Codex Leicester, gates at an auction in 1994 bought it for $30.8 million.

a can hold 20 people home cinemas with luxurious seats

home theater used the art deco style, equipped with comfortable armchairs, a sofa and popcorn machine.

in order to set up an independent space, barge to replace the original house

this covers an area of 900 square feet of building is located in the gates of the stadium, as docking port for environmental protection.

guest room USES the same as the main house high-tech

according to US News, covers an area of 1900 square feet of room is the first completed construction on this property. Also have their own bedroom and bathroom, the first function is used to test the application in the main house. Gates wrote “the road to the future, here most of the content.

gates under the garage can accommodate a total of 23 car

there are several different under this property garage located in different places. And one of the most interesting is a concrete and stainless steel built underground cavern. The garage can accommodate 10 cars, and some of the concrete destroyed by deliberately in order to create a rough style of “deconstruction” effect.

gates had a favorite tree, so he set up a 24-hour electronic monitoring

it is said that the gates like a driveway, 40, maple tree. To that end, he used the computer monitor, whenever you as long as the environment is too dry, it can automatic watering.

a releasing fish artificial stream

streams and wetlands is to prevent the negative influence of housing. Stocked streams with salmon and sea embellish cutthroat trout.

home gates of the sand on the beach from the Caribbean

lakeside beach sand is every year a large number of from st. Lucia shipped by barge.

someone has to pay $35000 just to visit

Microsoft at auction every year, the staff can give a product or service for sale. Proceeds will be donated to the company’s charity foundation.

gates had donated Xanadu 2.0 private visit. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, a Microsoft employee had $35000 down the right of visit.


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