About a new generation of the iPhone, we most looking forward to the eight new features!

apple never think some creative idea is belong to which company. It will absorb the advantages of other mobile phone, use on their mobile phone, which is why it released the iPhone always let a person look forward to working with more appreciation.

it’s safe to say modern smartphones in the whole market set off a upsurge in imitation of the iPhone. The iPhone as a product of apple after the reform, first appeared in 2007. In fact, this phone is so “popular” basically has the following several reasons: simple rectangular shape design, no keyboard click or sliding glass touch screen and its interface. These three aspects are now the mainstream market of mobile phone development direction.

apple attached great importance to protection of intellectual property rights to himself, that ask samsung to know. However, the designer of the iPhone also from competitors “plagiarism” a lot of good ideas, such as iOS7 and forthcoming iOS 8 a lot of things is to learn from Android and Windows Phone.

in my opinion, it is a good idea. Why do you say that? Because customers can be found in a variety of operating systems better phone functions. As such, I expect the iPhone 6 also can play a few tricks of competitors – draw on other phone good function.

at the top of the eight iPhone 6 new feature

1. Intelligent lock screen tips: said to easy, I prefer LG LG G2 and G3 the two mobile phone screen lock. As long as gently click two times in a row, on the screen can unlock or lock the screen, this method is simple, is also very natural.

2. Waterproof: in the market, you can easily find those manufactured waterproof phone, but high-end Xperia series SONY and samsung Galaxy S5 gives the user a completely different concept of waterproof. Waterproof is not just a costly choice, but also a gift of mobile company to the user. If the company designed a mobile phone can resist some daily impregnation liquid droplets or accident, so the company can also do this.

3. Sapphire screen: Brigadier prove cultured from Kyocera sapphire, mobile phone has become very expensive price, at the same time huawei has claimed that he is working on sapphire, the development of mobile phone. The apple has a hardness of material taken as the camera’s lens. If the wear-resisting material can be used as the vast majority of mobile phone screen, then the phone will be very popular. It’s a pity is, however, analysts say it is unlikely to happen.

4. The application of biosensor: to be sure the samsung Galaxy S5 on heart rate monitor is an unprecedented features, to know a lot of phone did not use the device. Meanwhile we can know that the design of this device must be very interested in fitness and personal data sensors, and for those who want to know your heart rate data of samsung mobile phone users, the mobile phone on the fingertip sensor must be more accurate than watch heartbeat measurement device.

of course apple mobile phone a similar heart rate monitor can be passed on to the iWatch or other device so as to realize the heart rate monitor of a class to carry this functionality, but it does not mean that apple wouldn’t be in the primary key of the Touch sensors with the same function on the ID.

5. Ring loudspeaker: in the edge of the iPhone mobile phone outside sound effects, though not poor, but compared with the HTC One standard sound issue of the M8 is clearly seem very ordinary, so apple can study in this aspect to HTC.

6. Wireless charging: nokia in trying to develop wireless charging mobile phones at the moment. This kind of mobile phone in charge at the same time, can to match with NFC mobile phones can also be used on speaker phone. Apple for the function design and the development of financing can completely meet the demand of wireless charging of the industry, resulting in a new generation of high efficiency top charging equipment.

7. Real photos button: apple company always uphold the button will be simplified concept, thus we can launch iPhone6 is certainly don’t have a real photos button. However, whether the iPhone 6 will make the power button and volume buttons to assume the function of the camera shutter? Anyway, entity pictures button or one of my favorite on all mobile phone hardware features.

8. Quick setup: if the company can set up and the Android mobile phone function mechanism of virtuous cycle – I mean good learning some of its functions, for example by long press in the control center of wi-fi and Bluetooth key to open the setting of each project, rather than simply open or close the function. Such improvements not only is the icing on the cake, will contribute to establish a new wi-fi networks.


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