A taxi analysys: domestic software users exceeds 150 million, fast taxi share up to 54%

on November 4, analysys international recently released the latest quarter “in the third quarter of 2014 Chinese taxi software market monitoring report data show that as of September 2014, China’s taxi software account size of 154 million, among them, quickly take a taxi to the proportion of 54.4% market share first, drops a taxi was second with 44.9%.

the data also show that by the third quarter of 2014, covering 358 cities, with taxi quickly drops a taxi covering 300 cities; Compared with the second quarter, third quarter two taxis software start times per capita are improved, showing the client software viscosity, showed that after using the driver and passengers of subsidies to cultivate market approach has paid off. Fast start times of active users per capita is 15.82 times the taxi, a taxi drops 12.55 times, visible fast taxi still keep a certain lead on user viscosity.

analysys research found that the user viscosity rise to prove software vendors by innovation explore effective improve the user’s participation: at the marketing level, the two taxi software to use the new media channels to the user to issue a red envelope, benefits, at the same time to obtain a new user resources to consolidate old customers; At the business level, quick take a taxi in July for the high-end business groups launched a limousine service, at present has covered more than 50 cities, drops and drops a taxi in August also introduced car; In the pattern exploration level, take a taxi software through the establishment of integral shopping mall and cooperate with many businesses have begun the exploration of urban transport O2O mode. By these means, take a taxi software can effectively guarantee the user viscosity at the same time, also is expected to realize cash flow.

analysys analysis thinks, the rapid growth of the users also make a taxi software gradually with the taxi entrance qualification, but can provide users with a single service. So take a taxi software should consider the following two aspects of exploration to solve the problem of the core of its development.

first, take a taxi software should build transport integration platform services, effective integration of existing urban transport resources.

a taxi software focused on the city car service, but the service mode of urban transport can be multidimensional exploration, travel to provide more feasible solution for the user. Has launched the limousine service is that the two taxis software is one of the diversified services to explore. Actually taking a taxi software development is the exploration of urban transport chain, such as online car rental, car pool, about car are city travel business segment layout, user demand for multiple niche service space is very big, but it will be difficult to effectively meet the present stage rental software can be extended to the niche service.

second, take a taxi software should use more influential platform to penetrate their own business.

for a taxi software, users in the strange city demand for a taxi will be more intense, so take a taxi software service on tourism, such as public transport platform embedded is expected to gain the better conversion rates. Fast taxi, for example, with Air China, high iron pipe application reached a strategic cooperation, such as embedded by other class travel APP has its own service, better play to the taxi software across the city’s use value, effectively solve the user travel car difficult pain points. A taxi in addition, the software can also cooperate with life services platform, through the provision of destination merchant coupons, discount CARDS and other ways to attract consumers, and expand the influence, and it is also a means to achieve commercialization.

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