A startup company CEO’s list of “fear”

editor’s note: hunting cloud network within the coming week will launch “a line of anonymous entrepreneurs experience sharing project”. This topic will be selected foreign lines founder’s feeling and experience sharing project compilation. The content of these articles may not apply to all people, but they are short and hard working rather than the long, provide micro operation rather than a macro. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman sincerely hope that this project can be for those unwilling comfort, willingly “for” business “warriors”, to provide some inspiration and enlightenment can be used for reference.

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as a startup company, we will market the gang am afraid for what? We review the purpose of the “listing” is very simple – if you have this kind of feeling, so please don’t really afraid, because this is normal. All founders, will have the following those fears. Have these don’t be afraid, as long as go, will see the light.

1. Our products market share is not big enough.

2. I for our products into the market direction without the concept of a completely clear.

3. I don’t understand our target customers. Even if we have a good income, but our customer base is random.

4. Performance is expected to exceed 4 million dollars, after will be in a very long period of time.

5. I don’t have a clear way to improve is not yet perfect operating condition.

6. I’m worried that I was wasting your time on a time-consuming and doomed to fail on startup or waste announced in an actual bankruptcy zombie firms. I do anything until I no longer be able to find financing indebtedness can no longer absorb any significant money.

7. I want to create some of the larger, meaningful career, but in fact I do look small and without prospects and a bit is not important.

8. I want to change the world, in my opinion, the so-called “change the world” is to create something by millions of people love. Do now but I don’t think I can realize this dream, so I can’t help but question myself, what the hell am I doing.

9. I hate to put the “I want to change the world” that hang in the mouth, but at the same time I can’t think of any more accurate description to show me the meaning of living in this world. Because since I can remember, the idea of “changing the world” has been deeply ingrained in my mind.

10. When I have an omnipotent team, I did not cherish, let me regret the failure of strategic decision. Unfortunately I was the only one able to fully understand what I have from the perspective of data to build strategic blueprint, I can’t let the rest of the team also like my own understanding of my strategic decisions, such mistakes make the company missed the chance of success.

11. I’m always going her own way, not to make any significant changes in the existing problems. That is the place where I in some irrelevant optimized adjustment, make some disconnect backward product have improved but not really solve the problem effectively.

12. I know for the software industry, don’t solve the problem of size is inappropriate. It’s like you want to open a restaurant but you only supply cranberry pie. In the short term this is indeed a good idea, but can’t meet your staff, to meet the needs of large-scale, cannot let investors feel more satisfied.

13. I’m afraid I’m on the way to achieve my goals in life, can never succeed.

14. I’m afraid if I messed up this time a startup, it is difficult to make a comeback, and for me to spend the next 10 years in obscurity imaginable.

15. I want to feed their families, if my business is not successful, I afraid I couldn’t be the most basic.

16. I’m glad things are moving in the right direction. But the next step will become what appearance, I feel very confused. At the same time I also very worried that we are seeing himself as trapped inside a small market. Yes, we can optimize the changes to the current market, but where to begin is your most important decision. It’s like in Alaska Nome city opened a restaurant, the restaurant is good, but you don’t have to expand business scope but betting on noam city will become the next New York (market will expand yourself!) . If I met the dilemma for the company to provide advice, I would say leave Nome.

17. I know our company’s economic situation requires us in a very short period of time the company into a high yield. We will soon be able to have the yield of $1 million, but the reality is that to achieve the yield of $10 million to $100 million.

18. I’m afraid my interpersonal relationship network will collapse, because I am not impressed.

19. I felt powerless to management company.

20. I worry because too care about the company’s image and attend.

21. I am a strong man, but now I can’t feel my strength.

22. I don’t want to make a living financial agent or consultant to family. I hope to have the ownership, equity, because I am convinced that only in this way can really impact on society.

23. I want to become rich, create your own financing opportunities is the best way to get rich, can also according to their own way.

24. I’m slowly getting older, but I have achievement is only a little.

25. For those who constantly reminds me something is wrong in essence’s advice, I feel irritable.

26. I’m afraid, I forced myself to believe that some encouraging indicators, in fact, in the end, I have to admit that these so-called less impressive indicators, to make people full of energy.

27. I long to create a lasting forever, but the reality is not so well.

28. I always feel that I want to create things where, I feel I have a script, the script I can make progress, but it seems not so.

29. I want to have no more despair than dead entrepreneurship – tasteless and eaten but a pity to throw away.

30. Passionate entrepreneurs always seems to be waiting for the “calling him” in the world, but for me, I don’t even think I have any value in the world. I’m just in the creation and gathered benefits. No big ambitions.

31. In a team I listen to the opinions of the too many little real action, thus causing the delay some time.

32. I am afraid I waited too long, all that power in the hands of the co-founder. Because I didn’t really care about our common interests. For example, we here what to do? Just the pursuit of profit? To our products to impose a new feature and then draw another customer?

33. I don’t think I have the courage to share some thoughts with my partner, although at the last moment, they are listening to my ideas, but I still worry that these ideas will hit them confidence although the situation has to improve. “Did a good job, but I’m afraid the ship to the wrong route?” So how can you say?

34. I found we had few ways to define our target market, because I’m in the definition of target market without a clear explanation.

35. I can easily expand to evaluate the potential target market of our products, but I didn’t see any attractive or exciting.

36. I am afraid I will only run a small software company, never to enter more market, but only $2.5 million a year will pay the cost of $2 million.

37. I am very afraid of our company will not be able to grow, and in that case we can’t invite to some of the best people to participate in our business; From the perspective of culture and the talent, the company will be in a state of stagnation.

38. I don’t have enough clout to say “this is what we do, this is my faith.” This kind of confident words. I very much like our company, of course, but I don’t love it. When I experience more and more things after I slowly understand “like” and “love” is so huge gap between.

39. I think that financially, I even than just starting a business. At the same time I also just finished a strange job, the job give me label does not change the fact that I am a ordinary people.

40. I’m embarrassed to say here I was a CEO, because I’m obviously not a good CEO.

41. I know I’m not really a chief executive, is just a normal businessman.

42. I know I can be the best in the world of entrepreneurs or chief executive or businessman, but I never realized my belief has such a difficult challenge.

43. I understand what I said these are not entirely true, but the only way to eliminate these negative emotions is to write down them.

44. I know that my heart still have a plan, but I don’t know what the plan is, what’s more, I already tired of this unknown feeling.

ok, this is my thoughts today. I some worry very boring very superficial? I think it certainly yes, who fear is not the case? But at least it is the CEO of a startup company on the road to success, not deviate from the process of success, the simple thought of mind.

after read and edit some of the content, my overall feeling is everything will be ok. We will survive. As a company, we always have the belief, and as a person, I have always maintained the belief. If this is not the next big thing, you may have a relationship? Of course not. What is important is I can learn to use I have learned. I seem to be born with the ability to repair and adjust, would it be possible for me to work better.

I know that even if all my worries have become reality (considering the length of the listing, I’m such a reality will make people mad), but I will still stand up. I am like a rodeo clown — perhaps a few screws loose, but I will continue to stand up after being knocked out. Writing can teach you some of your subconscious mind already know but you are not aware of things and truth.


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