A – P – P – L – E data processing: apple how to let customers love it?

the well-known Apple fans are very enthusiastic, thanks in part to Apple’s retail stores insisting on providing perfect services to customers. Business Insider net interviewed Carmine Gallo, he had just finished for the Apple on the feelings about customer service book “experience Apple”, he told the website revealed how about Apple retail stores will do interesting inside so perfect customer service.

the irony is that Apple does not agree with the “constantly recommend they don’t need the service to the customer”, and that is exactly what Comcast, China mobile, unicom, telecom giants such as willing to do.

the Apple store employee will be trained to follow a short name A.P.P.L.E customer service guide, it is these step-by-step guide to customers so satisfaction.

Approach with a personal, warm welcome

A – to one-on-one reception and hospitality warm

the Probe politely to understand the customer ‘s needs

P – polite understanding customer requirements

the Present a solution to the customer can take home today

P – develop a customer can take the product home that day solution

Listen for and resolve issues or concerns

L – listen carefully and solve the problem of customer concerns or

End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return

E – farewell and to express customer again

we noticed from the specification p neither represents “force (Push) customers to buy more expensive but useless service” nor “let customers waiting (Postpond) three hours until the closing”. In fact, Apple is more of a training employees to be truly helpful and able to listen carefully to customer needs and to the people to solve the problem. Just it’s a pity that such a very simple but effective idea has not set up in some industry.


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