A new generation of the iPhone sold 10 million units for three days, fan enthusiasm is still unabated

given its smartphone market share has dropped to 11%, apple wants its big screen iPhone6 to fortunes. From the current view, apple’s wishful thinking or played well. Apple recently announced that a new generation of the iPhone three days, a total of 10 million devices sold. The figure when the iPhone 5 s/5 c issued in last year to 9 million units.

want to know, that doesn’t include so far still seems far from the Chinese mainland market.

even though the iPhone 6 in your opinion does not like jobs era, leave you unforgettable, but still devout fan on the iPhone 6 open pre-sale, was in the apple retail store in front of the dragon. Fans have confidence in the company, they think the company will produce a bigger, better products.

Neil Norman Bethune, in the previous three iPhone is released, I have been in Melbourne check, lining up outside the apple store shopping center waiting to snap up. This year, he said he had been the iPhone 6 Plus deeply attracted 5.5 -inch screen.

“my iPhone 5 memory is too small, so I’m looking forward to the 128 GB of memory. And the iPhone 6 configured with a better camera, “he said.

he said that he chose to buy from apple store rather than telecommunications company, because he knew he would be here for success, if not rob now, then you have to wait until Christmas.

in Sydney’s central business district shop opened, with 3 team stretches back about two blocks long. In response to the crowded traffic, most telecoms company opened ahead of time.

Australian telecommunications equipment director Andrew Volard says, so far, and advance orders have been far more than before the launch of the iPhone, though the customer want to get the phone or need to wait for about a month’s time.

what’s interesting is that part of the fear of queuing time is too long fruit powder, the choice in a errands “paid” platform called Airtasker pay people line up for them. According to Airtasker, if the line need to use 10 hours, then you need to cost about $164.

in check, shopping center get fruit are chief David Brown says, although he can order or get paid in advance for himself, but he still likes the carnival atmosphere when buying. So, in order to occupy the position of the queue first, he and his aunt waited for two night.
He said, “if you really intended to line up, you may well be the best. In the middle of the night before the atmosphere is very happy, just waiting for a long time and excited state also will let the people waiting for a little bit tired.”

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