A guest at the end of the world behind the cold fairyland

, the word “gen” by Chris Anderson, in two years ago, a new industrial revolution on a guest: (top service) with red, IT is a lot of IT in the industry as a classic, not only because of the proposed hardware innovation theory in the book, also for Anderson had in the same way put forward the “long tail” and “free” business model, the two theories, has been step by step, including the Internet in China. For the development of the “guest”, people are also full of expectation.

the author: MuNan (WeChat ID: technan)

yesterday, once again came to China at the invitation of the baidu hundred Anderson, made a speech named “open innovation” and dialogue, the content of the site a lot, but because the second translation of ambiguity and misunderstanding, we only talk about the guest today.

Anderson shot to fame as a famous American editor of wired magazine, in the concept of “creating”, after he began his guests were born – leave wired, joined the 3 d robotics and aircraft company as CEO, they are now the main competitor, comes from shenzhen of China.

why do you choose this market? Anderson has previously mentioned, the U.S. government will open policies in the next year, perhaps, the only appeared in the movie the streets is the age of aircraft is coming, and here the imaginary space is quite a lot, such as relay activities, express transportation (amazon has begun the practice).

as shanzhai, shenzhen is a hardware business never avoid open topic, Anderson was also mentioned that his company, each generation of new product launch, 10 days Chinese counterparts will replicate the same products, and directly sold at half price…

however, Anderson was not because of hate fake, on the contrary, he vigorously promote “open innovation” – to create a platform, not too pays great attention to intellectual property rights, the goal is to create a kind of ecological system, the related company, mutualism, rather than just creating a profitable company.

as a result, the definition of “creating”, Mr Anderson are also very broad:

some people to produce electronic products, there are also some physical products, there are more people, they didn’t create established companies, including some of the students, just out of interest, can also be a guest. A guest is a movement, anyone to create something of himself in the design to share .

my own understanding is that Anderson’s proposed “and guest” and domestic most “entrepreneurship” difference in , the former to innovation and ecology, the latter to profit and fame (though the packing is very tall), the present situation and the culture and the development of Chinese and western are quite fit, no good or bad, if China venture entered a free Internet, iec, respect for the product of knowledge era, will also do the same thing.

Anderson certainly looking forward to this Chinese this day, he observed that at present China’s three guest trend, making the whole of China the guest movement development very fast, including:


    Have enough mature manufacturing, such as shenzhen factory, tools, software and hardware, can satisfy people with ideas to promote products.Talent base, in a big company also has a lot of engineers at home also has a dream, their office in the company during the day, start with a few small things, go home at night, less work in these small creation can also generate good ideas and products.Entrepreneurial spirit, bears hardships and stands hard work will do business what of, the tag seems to have been posted on Chinese for many years.

in the guest floor product, set aside the drone of Anderson, the rapid developing is more near to us, also is 3 d printing technology, however, the industry is now facing application scenario is not much, cannot make complex products.

this, Anderson is still very optimistic, in his view, the meaning of the 3 d printer is fast prototype products tested, “this is just a beginning, is the beginning of an innovation”, more important is the future of it, such as biological print – using 3 d printing technology to create DNA, protein and so on, it would not complete in the now, but after decades of printing technology is likely to be born DNA, DNA synthesis, after that age, we may be able to print out the seeds, to build a house, Anderson said.

in the end, back to 3 of Anderson’s masterpiece, long tail, with a guest free of charge. Looking back on it, Mr. Anderson think long tail is about the explosion of the network information brings the choice, the development of the Internet to fully verify the enormous value of the long tail, and a guest is development as a result, the long tail theory into reality, into a physical product, “there is no good or bad, all three books is my child”, says Mr Anderson.

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here is Anderson in the speech of a few key PPT, more content “reading”, please look at baidu hundred “the big talk, the fourth stage project.

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