A further $50 million m to the TV remote control application Peel ali

alibaba this year has once again on the TV remote application developers to Peel a $50 million investment.

Peel is a located in mountain view, calif., start-up companies. The company to develop a smartphone and tablet applications can help users to remote control TV, through these devices to replace the traditional TV and set-top box remote control. The Android version of the app is pre-installed in samsung and HTC phones and tablets, through infrared technology support many TV, cable TV set-top boxes and multimedia set-top boxes. IOS version only remote Dish and DirecTV set-top boxes.

in 2013, Peel won a $20 million venture capital investment, then to Peel invested $5 million. Alibaba’s a $50 million investment was made in this spring, and Peel until alibaba listed before he announced the news.

for alibaba, investment in the Peel is the company over the past year the larger one of venture investment. Recently, alibaba is trying to expand the other business areas, such as media, messages, and game. To the United States this year, alibaba Lyft taxi services, mobile games Kabam and message application Tango are large investment.

Peel CEO Mr Lu, aruna just lime (Thiru Arunachalam), according to Peel the number of users has reached 96 million, which is one of the main reasons for attracting alibaba investment. Peel, however, has not yet been under pressure to integration of alibaba electrical business.

he said: “the alibaba is more and more similar to ordinary vc. They choose to invest a domain, and let the invested companies continue to develop. They are very patient investors.

but aruna just lime, said he can imagine the future, Peel master user to watch TV shows data will be able to attract advertisers on alibaba platform or ordinary seller’s interest.

Peel secure income by charging network, the network can be paid in this app promotion programs, and Peel application will show the recommended TV and broadcast time. Aruna liam said, Peel will receive $8 million in revenue this year, and revenue is expected to reach $2015 in 20 million.

Peel the future is likely to develop common remote control applications, not only can remote control the TV, can also remote control air conditioner and household appliances such as lamps and lanterns. Aruna just lime said: “we can be the portal of control all devices in the living room?”

alibaba investment managing director hong-ping Zhang (Zhang Hongping,) will join the board of directors of the Peel. Peel had received more than $35 million in investment, investors including Redpoint Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Translink Capital and Harrison Metal. (d)

source: sina science and technology

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