A clap a fix: focus on O2O platform in the field of maintenance

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life service class O2O market is big, the difficulty is big, attracted many entrepreneurial teams in them. Hunting cloud network today to introduce “a clap a fix” is a family and O2O platform of enterprise customers to provide comprehensive maintenance services. When a user’s computer or home appliance malfunction need maintenance, only need to open the App or WeChat, using a mobile phone will pat fault phenomena, submitted to the platform, the platform will match the nearest maintenance master for door-to-door service for you. At present, only staging, micro letter micro community service platform, mobile App will launch in the near future.

a clap a fix, the founder of WuLi has many years experience in the line maintenance, combined with online operations began to build a new maintenance O2O platform “a clap a fix. System is divided into three parts: one is the client App, used for the repair management, provides the maintenance of one-stop portal; 2 it is to master repair the App for orders, internal communication, technical discussion and mutual assistance, etc., 3 it is the total scheduling server, used to send order, scheduling, settlement and management.

in the chat with CEO WuLi “a clap a fix,” he told me to share a lot of current maintenance for some of the problems in the industry. Perennial maintenance field formation of scattered, disorder and poor development, often let users are not satisfied with the service, service complaints don’t make money, industry development therefore be badly affected.

maintenance industry problem makes the industry all the participants felt the pain, the development of the whole industry is still a relatively low level of state, the important reason of these problems, the whole industry lacks effective and practical means of informatization, although there are some of the larger service provider information management platform, but most of the operators and maintenance master because of inability to separate development of such system, can only use the original method for customer management, maintenance records, financial management, etc. Management means backward, naturally led to the emergence of a lot of problems.

a clap a correction in in this context, WuLi tell cloud network hunting a beat the want to do is to build a good platform for the user to interact with up, similar to the taobao platform maintenance industry. A beat the main service object is a home user, business users and network maintenance and maintenance of master, spare parts suppliers, recycling companies, etc. “We and home appliance maintenance industry association, the electronics market, green environmental protection organizations at all levels, consumer rights protection institutions have cooperation.”

IT is understood that a beat the current maintenance projects include a traditional household appliances, IT digital, three categories of housing maintenance, furniture covers air conditioning, television, refrigerator, washing machine, lampblack machine, computer, network, server, video monitor, printer, copier and waterproof, leakproof, small family maintenance, etc.

at present abroad two close an App, one is the family repair online intermediary services Friend trusted, another is Geekatoo, by establishing a Geek repository, provide maintenance technology service, also prove that the combination of the Internet is and family services.

WuLi told hunting cloud network, they established a similar cost of platform is divided into e, can be in every single business commission 5-20 yuan, also can undertake various bearing chain (such as KFC, aj vernet laundry, macro top gruel store, etc.) the maintenance of the total, home appliance manufacturers after-sales total package (such as computers, air conditioning, TV) to establish the profit model.

in addition, WuLi tell hunting cloud network, your team will also actively promote the Internet and traditional offline services in the field of resources integration, and hopes to life service teams in their niche O2O vertical development at the same time, strengthen the horizontal cooperation and alliance with as many as possible, with a comprehensive and landing O2O bring convenient service to the user’s life better experience, bring more to the development of regional service providers of the federation.

a clap a fix

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