A bright future, road twists and turns: currency temporarily difficult to have any improvement

hunting cloud network (note: the rapid decline of the ruble at the end of this year, no doubt shocked the world, but you may not know, the currency fell is worse than it, although the impact of the virtual currency is much less than the rouble, but there are still many people hope to be able to let the heavy status quo from the fog of heavy old glory rising first, again to earn their own a bucket of gold.

the value of the currency breached $1000 in the second half of 2013, but continued to fall this year. After a series of beneficial fluctuations, COINS maintained at the current price range around $350, and it seems hard to be moved.

from the point of the present situation, the currency price soar era is gone forever.

glorious past

in the past 10 years, we have been the currency “the jungle” a newcomer, and mass of digital currency due to don’t understand, is based on encryption technology and produce, can be used to convert all kinds of legal tender, and record the transfer of funds, independent of the country’s central bank regulation) speculation together shaped COINS “legend”.

by currency story to coin money overnight. Before the value of the currency rising sharply, many people regret they did not at the end of 2012 (the currency value is only $13), the currency has not yet become a boom in investment. As the owner of the COINS ETF funds, one of the clay wo brother is expected, the currency prices someday will rise to $40000, equivalent to the total value of all the COINS will be $400 billion.

since the end of 2012, WordPress companies begin to accept pay with COINS instead of real money. Dell, Overstock.com and other companies are also beginning to support the virtual currency, but is made by the partner service reached between them, there are also some start-up companies also began to look on the currency. There is even a man and his wife on their wedding depend entirely on 3 months use COINS to life.

this let a person feel the currency is the future, but the reality is full of variables, this situation didn’t last long.

the present situation of the cruel

investors now seem to be not too clear what attitude to the currency. A common view is that the currency as an individual existence is valuable, but for those new users, COINS and not many short-term potential. This means that the currency in the short term will not face the buyer of the pressure.

on the whole, the growing number of the users to use COINS purse, this shows that the potential buyers who are still interested in COINS to hold. Coin purse is actually save personal key folder, the key can unlock the currency, by a and the currency can only be used for consumption, after unlocking this essentially similar entities preservation with credit card wallet.

at the end of the third quarter, the number of COINS the wallet has been used to 6.5 million, 1.3 million higher than the same period last year. According to Reuters data, however, most of the purse is empty. Industry insiders estimate that currently contains the COINS COINS purse number only about 250000 to 500000. In other words, many people registered the coin purse, but she didn’t buy any COINS. As the “user friendly” tool gradually emerges, this process is becoming more and more not complicated. However, compared with the ordinary withdrawals from the currency to take out the COINS in my purse is still more of a problem.

in addition, investors and the media are also noted that in price drop, the currency has become one of the worst investment this year. However, the situation did not stop the enthusiasm of the real currency believers. But it is worth noting that at the beginning of the block chain or there are more and more gossip.

currency prices

of course, many people hope the currency can be a value conversion tool. So, we need some appraisal mechanism, in order to keep its value and market related at any time.

“I think, as an asset, the next two years the currency still has very excellent performance.” Boost VC’s founder, Adam Gerald Draper Draper (Adam) said, “we are in repair mode, now of the currency speculation is declining, people are also exploring the COINS real purpose.”

Gerald Draper’s venture capitalist Tim Gerald Draper (Tim Draper) son. With his son, the old Gerald draper is one of the strongest supporters of the currency.

the currency’s value rise will promote the development of the market, whether you think the currency in the various links which part is more important, to attract the public’s interest will not be a bad thing. Therefore, if the 2015 COINS currency has no development space, so the currency will not have a more bright future in application.

Microsoft recently began to accept the currency to pay, and chose to cooperate with Bitpay. But the world’s second largest company decided to accept the currency did not drive the currency prices. So it seems that even more companies accept COINS to pay also seems to be the value of the currency will not cause too big effect.

digital currency lost future

if you want 2015 COINS currency rise, so we really need to ask yourself, what kind of events, or the said a series of changes that can bring the effect.

Adam Gerald draper, believe that this will come from the influence of some products, especially products related to block chain wallet, will make the digital currency exposure by more people. “I still enthusiastic support COINS, and the next six months may have an exciting thing happened.”.

Gerald draper will have twice a year for 20 to 30 companies invest. Recently, the Boost of focus is entirely towards COINS entrepreneurial companies. Gerald draper’s goal is to help 100 before the year 2017 to the currency as the center of entrepreneurs. “Talented entrepreneurs to come to this area, excellent products, will bring the real value to the world.” Gerald draper said.

the value of the COINS at present is in the midst of the years low consumed after create most of the value. But Gerald draper and other COINS die-hard fans are still struggling to adhere to. But because of fantasy lasted too long, this year the bursting of the dream, will become so big.

for this kind of virtual currency, we are still full of confusion, thinking, and constantly learning.


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