A bounty hunter: young people living service application based on LBS


the ancient palace released emperor list price, there will always be people just JieBang. In modern life, there is always busy at from time to time. Bounty hunter this is caught in this particular spot, pay a bounty, complete the task, his need. Here, take you hunting hunting cloud network take you fly, stood to earn!

a bounty hunter main search task according to the geographical location, at the same time, in order to meet the needs of different users can also according to the published time, heat, and the bounty to sort. Nearby the hunter interface, can also filter the men and women. Found in the interface, the user can see all categories of tasks, according to the classification to find out the tasks they are interested in or good at. In addition, several tasks most heat will also display on this page, more attractive to the hunter. Software can also according to the task before the hunter class and some attributes to recommend similar tasks, namely “guess you can do”.

a bounty hunter’s personal home page to view information about yourself, and your participation, release, the collection of the task, also can enter my vault to top-up and withdrawal. New function skills show, let each hunter can show their skills and attract the attention of others, to prove their ability. Skills to add the function and the function of thumb up photos, strengthen the social sex a bounty hunter.

the release task interface, users can detailed instructions to his task, the selected task deadline, task type and amount of bounty, click publish, release the task easily. Other hunters see task interface can be realized that these information, you can comment at the bottom of the task. Select bid automatically after made contact on both sides.

task publishers can choose all the hunter bid for the task to complete one of the best, and then evaluate the hunter, deliver the bounty. Every hunter has its own level and evaluation, corresponding with his trust. The higher the trust of users, the more likely to get more opportunities.

a bounty hunter APP developed by Beijing bounty hunter network technology co., LTD., operations and management, the company was established in March 14. Bounty hunter CEO Wang Muxiong, graduated from Beijing university of science and technology, 14 years walk this school graduate, research direction is cloud computing. College started to try the Internet business, once established independent microblogging site and run the school, to form a team to launch the library Android client service software, learning life “colorful shells”.

Wang Muxiong convective cloud network introduces a bounty hunter market positioning: “our company focus on college market, as well as the graduation youth groups, some of the characteristics in view of the user of the product or attribute importance, for this enterprise product shape distinctive, impressive vivid image, and pass the image vividly to the user, so that the products on the market determine the appropriate location.”

at the same time, Wang Muxiong are convective cloud network when it comes to the significance of this project: “the value of the user’s skill, the realization of the user’s personal value; For the user to create a new way of life, make everyone’s life not only six of the nine to go to work or school, but can make use of their skills at the right time to do some meaningful things for others, while the bounty money also realize self value.”

at present, the bounty hunter users and increased activity depends on three functions: information, see nearby and bounty. More than 70% of users and a bounty relationship between people become friends, mobile Internet social extension to offline. Early stage of development, with the help of the user’s supply and demand, integrating the supply and demand into products, accumulated a certain number and user base.”

a bounty hunter to release only more than three months, 5000 users. An increase of 100 new users a day on average. Focus on user age 18 to 30 years, accounted for 86.1%. Users 64.2% for college students in the occupational distribution, accounts for the first place. Finally, especially to introduce their company’s mascot, columns, o take homonym “hunting”. Beard, hats, belts, shotguns are a hunter’s standard.

bounty hunterCompany: Beijing bounty hunter network technology co., LTD.

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