A big wave drone strikes, forced to take you to fly with you

cloud network hunting on November 27 (word/Morse good)

according to the Wall Street journal, a famous sports camera makers GoPro will enter the consumer field of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and is expected to launch next year of the first kind of Thomas is driving unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), according to people familiar with the pricing will be between $500 and $1000. This is big news will have to gain people eyeball of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market once again set off people’s excitement, ahem, at least in the United States. Thanks to the development of technology and the relaxation of the part of the national policy, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has gradually from military to civilian use, especially the world leader in the United States, even has evolved into a hi-tech toys, this is beneficial to consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in terms of size, range, function more hasten is mature, including support for intelligent mobile phone wireless remote control or outside movement is emerging business of many consumers rush to the camera.

the use of wireless remote control device and program control device of his own manipulation has now become more mini unmanned aircraft, huge profits to detonate the nerve of people, a big wave with companies scramble to expose their products research and development strength, let below small make up inventory a few popular products for you, let’s pack to force a take-off.

1. GoPro

just completed IPO in June this year GoPro needs to further expand product lines to meet the expectations of investors, the fact of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market indicates that the industry has been into the mainstream consumption rapidly in just a few years.

as a leading consumer electronics brand GoPro facing camera market weakness and the impact of the competitors such as SONY, for example, require rich, can be used for filming extreme sports such as surfing photography equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and motion camera also can promote the sales of each other, get rid of the invisible limit of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) manufacturers (now a lot of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has been pre-loaded with their cameras).

because in terms of core parts, sensing elements, GPS, camera, ARM processor, wireless components, storage, battery technology is already very mature, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) cost is not very expensive, so the company chose the breakthrough. But, in fact, with the camera to GoPro now play of the advantages of the crossing, you must face competition for unmanned aircraft manufacturers such as big xinjiang for GoPro who just into the trip will be plain sailing?

2. Big xinjiang

as big xinjiang company founded in 2006, shenzhen has already is the world’s leading global research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles control system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) solution and manufacturers, customers in more than 40 countries around the world. The product has been widely applied to aerial and remote sensing measurement, forest fire prevention, electricity patrol, search and rescue, film and television advertising and other industrial and commercial use, and at the same time also become the best choice for many global model aircraft aerial lovers.

1 unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is to Inspire released its latest deformable body and 4 k cameras attract people’s attention, and it also claims that “represent the highest level in the world more than small uav rotorcraft industry”. Its products are more light than before launching the Phantom Vision + 2 at the same time, the four pack up four gear deformation, can realize the camera no dead Angle of 360 degrees.

Inspire picked up better than the Phantom Vision 2 + 1 of 4 k, camera support 4 highest kp30 @ 60 megabits per second and 1080 @ 60 FPS hd video recording, 9 set of 9 pieces of lens 1 slice flying spherical lens is contained in its support for static picture 12 million pixels, and built-in 1/2.3 Yin village cmos sensor and 94 – degree wide Angle prime lens, three axis yuntai system makes 360 – degree view without block. Inspire 1 is equipped with large xinjiang latest vision positioning system, using special cameras and ultrasonic technology, even in indoor without GPS signals can be achieved under the condition of fixed high positioning hovering. But in the aspect of life, of xinjiang this new handsets but did not see much improvement, about 18 minutes of flight time let’s unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) become one of the bottleneck of the development.

3. Google

as Google software bosses also push on the dubbed Project Wing uav Project, but this is just a similar unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery system. Google’s r&d department said because has the ability to deliver, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) will also play a huge role in disaster relief.

this uav adopted four electric propulsion, a wingspan of about 5 feet (1.5 meters), weighing less than 19 pounds (about 8.6 kg), without the runway landing. According to BBC reports, the uav to carry the goods take off what the maximum weight was only about 22 pounds, this means that even cannot carry a Xbox. Computer control system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is located in the tail and the dynamic system is located in the head. In addition, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with GPS, cameras, radios, and made of the accelerometer and gyroscope inertial measurement sensors, uavs to help determine the current stance.

Google this part of the computer control system, some are controlled by people. Although it looks like Google this goal is tall, but because is delivery system, its bearing capacity has become a key problem of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), whether enough to withstand the weight of the goods be restricted the development of the flask. In addition, will sent to the destination on satellite positioning accurately demand is higher, you can imagine, Google unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) enormous challenge.

hope its recent acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) producer’s Aerospace can bring the good opportunity. And Titan company uav can real-time acquisition, high-resolution images of the earth, loading of atmospheric sensor and support voice and data services. These types of technology can also help other Google business, including its map division. The uav can provide special communications equipment with up to 1 GBPS Internet access this advantage to let a major manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is difficult to reach.

4. Amazon

as a retail giant amazon launched its first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery plan. Through its research and development of a small uav rotorcraft, door-to-door delivery within 30 minutes, a most can deliver 5 pounds (2.27 kg) of goods, delivery of goods within the scope of the 86% of the amazon, and single in 96 from the company’s big warehouse, the goods will be shipped a “logistics center”.

the amazon is committed to safety test the business in 2013, in order to obtain approval of the federal aviation administration. But, like Google, but the federal aviation administration has issued strict laws and regulations have to monitor them and make the new business. In another aspect, a consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market also didn’t get strict regulation, development is rapid.

5. Pterosaur unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

as a dual-use by chengdu aircraft design institute preserved in low altitude multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), pterosaurs unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with a 100 – horsepower engine piston, have the ability to fully autonomous flight and portable photoelectric reconnaissance or laser/ranging devices such as day and night, it is widely used in civil and scientific research and other fields, such as disaster monitoring, drug trafficking, environmental protection, atmospheric research, as well as the geological exploration, meteorological observation, geodesy, pesticide spraying and forest fire prevention, etc.

the machine maximum altitude 5000 m, the speed of 180 km/h, maximum duration 20 h, task load weight 310 kg (including fuel). As a Chinese official use drones, pterosaurs on performance has certain disadvantages, but the preciseness of the target hit rate and the price advantage is still be the first choice of the third world countries outsourcing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

how much can pack to force, how high can fly

although currently involved in planning of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) enterprise manufacturers now only occupies a small proportion, but in absolute terms of the number is growing. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can achieve high resolution image acquisition, often because of cloud cover in make up for the satellite remote sensing for less than the drawback of the images at the same time, solve the traditional satellite remote sensing revisit cycle is too long, emergency problems such as not in time. Versatility, low cost, cost-effectiveness than good, and no casualties risk, strong survival ability, mechanical performance is good, easy to use, and a series of advantage will contribute to the cause of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

integrated aviation technology, information technology, control technology, measurement and control technology, sensor technology and new materials, new energy and other multi-disciplinary technology the development direction of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) represents the future of the industry. However, because of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is still in its infancy, to be able to afford the most is the government and big business, as for personal aspects, that is, a few of the local tyrants. Believe, as the technology matures, the manufacturing cost will decrease, cost-effective, time will come, one thousand yuan market will succeed, at that time, the purpose of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) will not only is now drawing, emergency rescue, and other fields, it will become ordinary people in the hands of a high-end toy, may even be a part of smart home to open a new era of intelligent life.

the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) or on the road, I see road, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) will develop in the resource integration.

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