90 the entrepreneurial teams lemon era, colleges and universities custom APP feasible?

(/xiao-miao li wen)

the APP market should be how to do, is a product, or a protean take different transition way of thinking. As for the advantages and disadvantages, temporarily do not judge first here. Products go a pattern in colleges and universities, introduces lemon era team today, they want to give each colleges and universities to do a product ideas hold up their ideal of local life service on campus.

why to do so, the founder of Liu Fupeng tell hunting cloud network, they feel that their project is the ground, the one-to-one customization college life APP group, to the university student autonomous operation, belong to the open platform for the custom. College life is only the most understand students, so the details of the classification of platform plate, such as: delivery, second-hand, lattice shop, part-time recruitment, group purchase discount, campus activities, such as social chat only students of our school is the most familiar. To their operations, to the most real close to the student users.

at present mainly in the south of the pilot colleges and universities, currently include aerospace jiangnan university, jiangsu university, nanjing university, nanjing university of posts and telecommunications, such as 28 universities in their products. At present there are 100000 users, to be honest, this number is still small, for the products of local team to run the local school, without a incentives and rigorous way, inexperienced team and can backfire.

Liu Fupeng tell cloud network, hunting and team cooperation contract system of colleges and universities at present, the university team need to apply for, audit by will do some training. And according to the different on application function of colleges and universities do to reschedule, that is to say, lemon era of APP in different colleges and universities can be custom, every products are also not call lemon era, depending on the consulting team to collect names of colleges and universities, such as falling in love with a normal university, information in taihu lake, the people in the big river, etc., each APP corresponding to a university.

if your pace to walk, at present, the biggest ideal Liu Fupeng is, the lemon era custom APP in colleges and universities do best school union, and the pattern of business operation for future expected, mainly through the integration of university resources, training students operational marketing the APP, helping students experience ahead of their own business experience, at the same time, cultivate the driving ability. On this basis, to do cooperation with the enterprise, brand promotion on campus. The resulting revenue, jointly with the school team split 50-50. Now also in this line of thinking to do campus market such as: childhood, belong to product of incubation popular newspaper supplement. A slightly different is that childhood no more localized on the names of colleges and universities. Operations team in colleges and universities also preferred the campus community to cooperate.

team, lemon era firmly to team after 90, they project lemon era also in December 2013, the national contest of college students’ APP won the silver medal, CEO in August season luffy invited to hangzhou ali group, communicate with ali executives learn, COO Liu Fupeng also invited to participate in China Internet conference meeting to share the innovation of the mobile Internet business, and in the era of IDG share lemon project and entrepreneurial story. Lemon era is to dock the angel, “is expected to complete by the end of an angel round of financing.” Liu Fupeng said.

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