8 interesting keyboard use iOS Keymoji: can convert text to look

dispatch of sina science and technology Beijing time on September 18th morning news, iOS paragraph 8 a downloadable application Keymoji keyboard can transform the user input text for expression. In one sentence inserted into expression, user can select or with small cartoon pictures instead of words.

, for example, the user to enter the “Coffee Break,” there will be a “Coffee cup” and “broken heart” two kinds of expressions, and input “Gym time” will appear “bent arm” and “clock” two kinds of expressions. Under the condition of the correct spelling, user input every word or phrase expression combination will pop up, which can send text messages to expression.

Keymoji concept from its founder, Mr Jonathan Jason Zweig, (Jonathan Zweig), Randy went (Randy Saff) and Octavio, Hector Lyra (Octavio Herrera). They found that by ordinary keyboard expression list to find the proper expression is very troublesome. Users like to use the expression, but few people are willing to spend time in more than 800 expression to find hope in the face to send. Hector laila said: “this is very interesting, but it is not so popular. To find and select expressions destroyed communication way.”

Jason zweig, said Kyemoji keyboard is not only a fun. They also offered a called Keymoji applications, and users can submit their combination created expression. In expression of complement this phrase database, to attract other users in the process of using, users will receive points. Users are encouraged to submit a “art of expression”, also is kind of big size of face images.

Jason zweig said, although around expressions to development of a company it sounds crazy, but the reality is not so strange. Computer expression management organization Unicode Consortium, said later this year, will provide 250 new expressions, this will be a Keymoji user’s good material. In addition, the news application is more and more popular, and Kyemoji can become mainstream news applications, such as good supplement Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

Jason zweig also think that smart watches, Watch the rise of Apple, for example, means that more users will find a simpler way of communication, such as in the message to get rid of the text.

Keymoji founder in June this year for $350 million to the Opera sold their mobile video advertising startup AdColony. In the advertising industry after three years, founder of Keymoji hope back to the mobile applications. Before start AdColony, they developed a mobile games Tap Reef and Sovereign: Kingdoms. (a sail)

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