59 store: only do online convenience store 020 colleges and universities

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many entrepreneurs head in the community in the electricity, the logistics cost and the disadvantage of the single price low, the market is not easy to do really. Don’t do big community, only do is a university town?

started with Shanghai jiaotong university of 59 store formerly 59 food, leisure snacks served 59 minutes service for students. About 5, 2014, changed its name to 59 store, positioning service class for the campus life O2O platform.

actually 59 minutes of delivery service is not merely, earlier, when the team started school in the local online campus supermarket network to provide service is two hours, more than a year of data operating experience to be an hour early.

now 59 ssore selling goods for students more favorite leisure small food packaging, import snacks, best-selling type food and beverage, and bedroom necessary articles for daily use and selection of stationery. Shanghai 59 has covered ten thousand people are currently a total of more than 40 above the size of all colleges and universities, there are more than 500000 college students to use their services. Currently 59 store has entered to a new city of hangzhou, part of the university colleges and universities also opened their unique service 59 minutes.

this is 59 “59 accurate delivery” store of innovative distribution system: the time limit of delivery agent distribution on the top of the hour (before the unity of all orders issued a 59 minutes), shipment delivery after 59 minutes. Sends the accurate can be seen as timing, can choose any one of 59 minutes after placing orders (period), marki would be delivered in this time period accurate.

59 Zhou Kunpeng store’s founder, graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university, he and his friends all from Shanghai university, the university also participated in many start-ups in entrepreneurship competition. Team members with an average age of 25.

the Lord do online stores and market on the campus: eight days online, curtilage meters net, etc. In addition to the market in colleges and universities, is doing a community of 001 Internet community distribution mode, fresh bee network, companies such as 500 mi.

The store of 59

Company: Shanghai huan school information technology co., LTD.

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