58 city buy vertical recruitment website charm of 91, the flagship shop assistant recruitment

on November 19, hunting cloud network news

58 city announced, the company has been in recent wholly-owned recruitment website to buy a vertical industry “91” charm, but not announced details of the transaction amount and more. 58 city has said, the purchase amount not to disclose the amount standard, therefore is not in the SEC’s announcement.

the data shows, charm, founded in 2004, 91 claims to be China’s largest, is currently the only nationwide sales network recruiting service platform has a mature recruitment website. Yao Jinbo said that of 91 very understand garment industry every enterprise need what kind of person, the main marketing channels in five-star hotels and malls, directly facing the industry to promote service personnel.

Yao Jinbo pointed out that the enterprise may not be very big, do very well in a certain industry, 58 city can go to study, even for cooperation or mergers and acquisitions. 58 city have no lack of users, lack of methodology is a professional operation, if the industry had a similar charm will invest 91 company.

as we have learned, 58 city listed later set up investment department, try to cut the O2O niche by way of capital operation. Previously, 58 city, announced the e generation driving capital injection of $20 million, with a 7.8% stake.

coincidentally, 58 city vice President jia to fly just for hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses, .

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