500 million 2 habib gb WiFi master key user bet O2O

news on December 18, 500 million users, 2.3 YiYue active users, more than 1.7 billion the number of average daily hot wire, these Numbers are founded by shanda network founder, COO 2 habib gb network, is the product of “WiFi master key” creation, the team now is only the size of 36 people.

next, WiFi master key will explore flow liquid, key overweight O2O sector. 2 habib gb, according to the next two years, will be O2O injected 3.65 billion yuan worth of free traffic. Is the source of the data, the number of users access to the Internet via WiFi master key connection every day as high as more than 1.7 billion times, according to the current network advertising (CPM) for 6 per one thousand yuan, 1.7 billion times the value of 10 million yuan, the value of about 3.65 billion yuan a year.

at present, the WiFi master key has accumulated hot coordinates, more than 1 billion, the number of access to the Internet via WiFi master key connection every day more than 1.7 billion times. 2 habib gb mentioned, O2O industry is very hot now, but a lot of excellent O2O service, don’t even know IT people, “O2O services between the user and only one step away, the next two years, WiFi master key will be connected O2O service providers and users, as a result, there will be no obstacles between them.”

why choose O2O direction? Network vice President, said li lei is the WiFi master key solved the users access to the Internet (the first stage, the second phase will connect the user and O2O services, push localization O2O service for the user, for merchants to promote the background. “Solving O2O has two premises, provide stable network, online and offline precision anchor point, see from WiFi master key of existing data, had”. It is understood that WiFi master key will freely distributed to the existing traffic O2O service platform and practitioners.

actually before their strength O2O, WiFi master key has built a new user traffic entrance, through advertising methods such as received a good revenue.

according to the 2 habib gb after shanda innovation school closure project, the flange courtyard business innovation, split at the same time, set up independent company operating reserve products, WiFi master key is one of them, even the network technology which was established. In behind it, there has been great, 2 habib gb doing money and resources support, etc. In March 2012, WiFi master key is launched the Android version.

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