38 minutes 11 Tmall double volume 10 billion, wireless accounted for 45.5%

Tmall announced that 11.11 shopping opening 38 minutes 28 seconds after carnival, was rushed to 10 billion yuan, including wireless accounted for 45.5%. Last year, to 10 billion with 5 hours and 49 minutes.

from ali, according to data from 1 minute 11 seconds breakthrough; Just after 3 minutes in the morning, the carnival turnover reached 1 billion, 14 minutes 02 seconds, break through 5 billion.

in terms of pay, pay treasure, according to the to November, the first in the morning hours, pay treasure to complete the payment number has reached the 6283 pen, brush again out of the new high (last year double tenth day, pay treasure to complete payment of the pen for 1.88 pen). Among them, the fast and account for all payment amount 46%, the highest proportion in all channels; Followed by Tmall pay treasure to account for all the amount 16%, the balance pay treasure account for 15%, the account balance of 14%. And traditional e-currency payment, all the bank’s net silver, and other channels together only accounted for 9%.

this year, double tenth, a mobile phone shopping become a major highlight of this year’s carnival 1111 shopping. Day the cat on the mobile end take the lead in this year, introducing four privileges to the members, including “purchase” and “exclusive coupons”, “T4 treasure box” and “special T4”. In addition to Tmall and hand tao, alibaba group investment company joined this year double tenth. Such as weibo in the mobile terminal, including 26 star 1111 weibo reds on weibo Tmall shuangshi a red envelope, UC browser on the mobile end also issued a red envelope, it also inspired consumers shopping enthusiasm, and a booster double tenth quickly broken billions.

Tmall President Wang Yulei said the double 11 is no longer Tmall double 11, but belong to the whole society, global double 11. Double 11 this year will be more focus on the basis of the globalization, wireless, let us together for the establishment of the ecological system of business, the more healthy and orderly development.

it is reported that this year’s double ten one, is the number of businesses to participate in the calendar year, one of the biggest Tmall alone, nearly 27000 businesses, 42000 brands. In addition to Nike, ONLY, GAP, procter & gamble, opple brands, such as clothing of CK, ASOS, many brands such as BMW’s MINI car are involved in a double tenth. Cooperation with novice network 14 delivery companies added 250000 new Courier, so far this year there will be more than 125 of the Courier to join to the double tenth. Tmall and businesses into customer reach millions.

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