360 to store the O2O logic behind

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this year O2O circle event one thing after another, the BAT out of the limelight. Baidu is not only acquired the glutinous rice, but also introduced a “direct”, pointing to the local life service O2O, open “challenge” micro letter service number. Ali’s alipay FuWuChuang low-key launch, tencent WeChat service number is due to the large user base, WeChat still occupy absolute advantage on the business registration number. Previously been O2O “aphasia” on this topic, Internet circles famous “stir up”, 360, finally breaking the silence “, also launched their own O2O applications, 360 to the store. Just the day before the 360 world congress launched a traditional group-buying origin’s group also introduced a name similar via “online”, is aimed at O2O life service.

so the question comes, O2O application which is strong?

to grilled steak this several O2O application.

micro letter service number

this is no need to say more, who WeChat attention there is no a number of services! Micro letter attracts merchants huge traffic for a public number, micro letter open a shop. With a lot of micro letter circulated on the Internet, earning millions and millions of legend, is true or not is not clear. Anyway rich a bunch of third-party service providers, because WeChat provide only basic level interface application, specific to the personalized needs of various businesses, WeChat no matter, still have to merchants to find a way to myself. So all sorts of WeChat site third party service providers are laughing. Service, allows businesses to push the user information, but only 4 times a month. Businesses have to through other channels, such as WeChat circle of friends, to promote their own WeChat store, marketing flood and circle of friends. And regarded as the public’s biggest function, CRM, companies also need to invest a lot of manpower and resources to achieve, general of small businesses, is powerless.

baidu direct number

based on baidu search client application. Users in the search box input “@ + name of the merchants”, you can jump straight into the merchants in baidu service Numbers of mobile platforms. Baidu said the application can be “new, high conversion, strong holding”. The clarity of the search itself shows the user demand, from this point of view, direct conversion of nature should be the highest. But the problem is that the very high conversion is the premise of the user to make sure that the name of the merchants, and merchants in the name on the baidu platform. Users using a search engine, is mostly fuzzy search, but this does not apply to direct number. Also, want to find businesses, on the premise of remember accurate business name must also add @ in front, this is Zhou Hong Hui say “go”. In order to find a merchant account, not only to fee brain remember name dealer, but also because the @ and constantly switch on the mobile phone keyboard, baidu this is not at all “connected”, but the challenge to the user’s patience!

alipay FuWuChuang

this is a similar WeChat public application, just different than WeChat closer to pay link. After war, WeChat Lucky Money taxi after the big action, such as WeChat payment still did not open the situation, pay treasure to the wallet still dominance. Pay treasure FuWuChuang too “low key”, however, a low profile to pay treasure to no effort to promote the application of merchant account I want to be big, can only hope that pay treasure to the user’s active discovery and promotion of their own.

360 to store

this is the most (fan) bleaching (ren) at fort (lei) is according to the characteristics of the user as long as a business call, will default on the 360 application of merchant account, then the merchants can promote to the user. Let alone with such a application, 360 will be from the “mobile phone guard” into “harassment accomplice”. The premise of the application is the user need to install the 360 mobile guards, and want to know the merchant’s first call, otherwise, this application is a “waste wood”.

‘s group online store on

in my opinion, a few O2O application, the most cunning of whom he’s group’s online store. Merchants can one-stop management platform’s shop passed management including’s brand stores, their mobile shops and all third party account, that is to say, as long as there is a shop, merchants can synchronization management pay treasure FuWuChuang, small shops, and so on and so on, don’t have to account to update maintenance one by one, this is the fate of the big one! Stores the most welcome!

Several O2O

application the logic behind

nature is the micro letter service, based on micro letter huge social flow. But into effect doesn’t seem to be ideal, at least in the field of O2O. Public comments on obtained WeChat entrance through “sex”, but the results did not bring the expected effect, so that the djrowei in Internet conference, said “the media may have high expectations of WeChat entrance, WeChat, after all, is not everything, do business itself or on your own.” Even so “godson”, let alone do not have any “relationship” how small businesses can enjoy bonuses WeChat flow.

baidu direct number is also hope will search for the cash flow. It’s a pity that the product design is too “playing god”. Pay treasure to the users a lot, and most credit, cashability is strongest, but “mother” pay treasure is a just born no matter have, flow cash is still in infancy. 360 to shop, but also want to liquidate traffic entrance security software, mobile phone or have already said, the outcome, but also to be seen.

as for the shop’s pass, look from the product characteristics, it is different from the former several, flow entrance to liquidate by moving the end, the logic of Online to Offline, but pay more attention to the businessman stock of the user’s operation and maintenance, use Xu Maodong, is Online to help businesses do a repeat operation. Because for life service businesses, 70% into the shop, customers are repeat customers. ‘s help businesses to establish their own shops, or a third party account, after the completion of discharge operations, promotion pricing and member management, etc., to do all by merchants themselves. This is no different with previous home. Business if you want to improve their shop influence, embarrassed, can oneself through various means to promote, including encouraging store users into their stores, member of the formed Offline to Online reverse O2O logic. I have to praise’s too cunning, it is not a selling inlet flow to the businessman, but only with a platform to solve the businessman multi-platform marketing management inconvenience, is successful businessmen for their online store “work”.

fragmentation characteristics of mobile Internet, the service life of regionality, BAT at local service life is not how beautiful a few “battle”, together with some of the “small but beautiful” life services O2O business story, make local competition in the field of life O2O appear more inverse blurred, more exciting. No matter what is the logic behind each O2O application, meet the demand of users, it’s best to earn money.

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