360 new entry strategy, announced a $400 million to establish joint venture with cool account for 45% of the shares

according to, on December 16, qihoo 360 (QIHU: NYSE) announced with cool group set up a joint venture company, the former invested $409.05 million in cash, the joint venture company 45% stake.

qihoo 360 in the past two years has been in the field of new hardware, has introduced a wireless wifi, security routing, children’s bracelet and so on innovative products meet user requirements, to expect to preempt the intelligent household, wearable equipment’s entrance. But because of related fields is still in the early stage of development, development is not ideal.

and as a result of the limitation of new hardware performance, control and remote control must be attached to a smart phone. This or 360 cooperate with cool the main reason for this, but the domestic smartphone market will soon celebrate the ceiling, 360 cool how the work is not yet clear.

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